What age can you receive federal financial aid as an independent student in Illinois?

Your age does not matter as much as your status. If you are applying to a college or university, fill out everything as soon as possible. Your status is defined by your parent(s) or guardians tax returns, and where your primary residence was during the past year. If they claimed you as a deduction on their taxes last year, then you are not considered independent, and they must use their tax information to fill out the information. If they did not claim you, then you must use your tax info to fill out the paperwork. It is usually better to be considered independent, and use your own tax information. Younger persons may have less income coming in prior to starting school, thus may get more aid. Just read all the fine print carefully. The forms usually can be done on line now, just look up FAFSA (Free Application For Student Aid) on the web, and it should take you to the Dept of Education web site.