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Breasts can grow up until your 21 . Having small boobs isn't bad you were made like that inbrace it

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Q: What age should you expect your breasts to grow a lot since you are 16 and your breasts are still very small a cups?
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My mom's bra size is like an A and I really want big breasts but since she has small breasts will that mean I will have small breasts too?

not necessarily

Since you are 16 and you have 34AA cupped breasts should you wear a bikini to the beach since you want to show off your large breasts to your boyfriend and everyone else who is at the beach?

34AA are very small breasts. You can wear what you choose if you do not mind everyone looking.

Should you wear a string bikini to the beach since you have large b cupped breasts or should you just wear a swimming suit in case on of your large breasts comes out of the small wet suit?

Just wear a swiming suit

Should all women have small breasts?

No. Hormones and DNA determine breast size and all people are different so they can not all have small breasts.

Should A 10 year old with small breasts wear a padded bra?

DEFENITELY NO. Padded bras should be worn from girls AT LEAST 16. Small breasts are common for 10 year olds and up to age 16. My breasts were very small at age 10.

What should you do if you love breasts and you have a problem saying yes to a woman who has small breasts?

look at there personality and if they have big boobs then great

Why do you have small breasts if you are fat?

if your far and have small breasts it means that not much fat I'd getting into your breasts

Are your breasts small?


Can your breasts get small?


Should I take my bikini of to suntan my back at the beach since I am laying on my stomach and I don't care if when I get up people see my breasts cause they are 34AA?

Ew Thts small. Don't do it

Does having small breasts mean you have cancer?

No. Cancer does not depend on breast size. You don't have to have fully-developed female breasts to have breast cancer, since even men get it. Also, women with huge breasts are not immune from it either.

What is the pereimeter of this parallelogram?

Since the parallelogram is so small as to be invisible, I expect that its perimeter is close to zero.

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