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Butane it has a boiling point of 0.5 Degrees Centigrade

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100 degrees is the boiling point of water in Cellicel?

The temperature of boiling water near sea level is 100° Celsius.

Is 87 degrees celsius cold?

No, it's very hot because it's near boiling point, which is 100 degrees C.

How would the altitude and the atmospheric pressure of Johannesburg affect the boiling point of water?

The boiling point of water decrease when the altitude increase; the value at Johannesburg is near 94 0C.

Why does water in clothes never get near the boiling point?

water boils at 100 degrees centigrade, the human body is normally 36 degrees, thats a huge difference. A human would never generate that kind of temperature unless on fire.

Why is it necessary to carry out recrystallization near the boiling point of the solvent?

well if you don't re crystilize near the boiling point you will most certainly loose your solute to the glass ware as vapours. if you recrystalize you will remove and separate the components more effectively.

What is the wheather in Nepal?

Near the Himalayan range and other mountains it is very cold and freezing, but near the border of India is is boiling. 41 degrees

Where is 50 degrees north 20 degrees east?

This is a point near Kraków, Poland.

What is the boiling point of brine?

salt increases the boiling point of water so it it (boils) around 110oc This may occur at a certain concentration of salt in the water. If there is a very tiny proportion of salt in the water it will boil near to 100oC As the proportion of salt increases so will the boiling point.

What country is 50 degrees north and 20 degrees east?

The country is Poland. This point is near Krakow.

How fast does boiling water cool down?

This will depend on the ambient temperature around the boiling water. Boiling water will cool down much faster if the environment temperature is near or below zero (0) degrees Celsius (32 degrees F) (such as if you were boiling water on a fire/stove outside on a cold day) than if you were boiling water on the stove in your house where it might be 15.5-23.8 celsius (60-75 degrees Fahrenheit).

What kind temperature should water be?

That depends for what purpose you want the water. For example: if you want to broil some tea, it's best if the water is near the boiling point. At sea level, that would be 100 degrees.

How a mixture of water and alcohol can be separated?

By simple distillation, assuming the alcohol does not have a boiling point near 100oC

What sea is at 31 degrees north and 35 degrees east?

The Dead SeaThat point is in Jordan, near the Mediterranean.

What city is located at 34 degrees South 18 degrees east?

This point is near Capetown, South Africa.

What do would happen to the boiling point of water if you were to cook pasta near the Dead Sea which is 1296 feet below sea level How would the cooking time compare to sea level?

The boiling point of water would be higher than at sea level. On average it will be about 101 degrees C. This isn't enough to make much difference in cooking time.

Why is distillation a good way to separate liquids?

It is good because in a mixture each component has a specific boiling point. If you know the boiling point you can heat the mixture to the required temperature and you will get near 100% purity of the compound.

What is the melting and the boiling point of brass in degrees Celsius and Fahrenheit and kelvin?

Brass consists of copper and zinc ordinary yellow brass, 67% - 33% respectively, MP= 940C, 1213K, 1724F ordinary red brass, 90% - 10% resp., MP= 1050C, 1323K, 1922F other forms are in between. The boiling point, initially is assumed Zinc boiling point, 907C, 1180K, 1665F However as it is hard to expect BP below MP, then I would say the BP of brass is very near its MP, in other words, Zinc vapor exists in parallel with liquid brass. final boiling point is assumed Copper boiling point, 2336C, 2609K, 4237F

Would it ever be possible for the boiling point and the freezing point of pure alcohol to be the same temperature?

Well, the boiling point will drop as the pressure drops. So if you cool the alcohol while exposing it to a near vacuum you might get it to boil and freeze at the same time.

How hot can sand get?

I am sure that sand can reach over boiling point of water during the day near the equator

What is a natural hot water spring?

A place in the landscape where water comes to the surface at a temperature at or near boiling point.

What is 15 degrees east and 45 degrees north?

That point is in Croatia near the coast, about 70 miles southwest of Zagreb.

Where is 60 degrees north and 12 degrees east?

This point is located in the Norwegian wilderness, somewhat near the Swedish border.

Why is the boiling point of water about 5 degrees higher then normal when measured at the base of a deep coal mine?

The boiling point of water (and all other liquids) is dependent on the barometric pressure. For example, on the top of Mt. Everest water boils at 68 °C (154 °F), compared to 100 °C (212 °F) at sea level. Conversely, water deep in the ocean near geothermal vents can reach temperatures of hundreds of degrees and remain liquid.

What is located 14 degrees north and 61 degrees west?

That point is very near Marigot Harbour at Castries, on Saint Lucia.

Where is 62 degrees 17 minutes south and 144 degrees 50 minutes west?

It is a point in the Southern Ocean near Antarctica.

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