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seriosly why do you want to know


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Like Dragonite, Salamence is a Dragon and Flying type. It's only weaknessess are: Ice type moves Rock type moves Dragon type moves

Vicious's Tyranitar uses hyper beam in Pokemon 4Ever.

Salamence can only learn Hydro Pump as an egg move in Pokemon Emerald.

The only Pokemon Trainer i know that has a Salamence is Riley, you can find him at Iron Island. But, you can only battle him at the Survival Area in the building next to the Pokemon Center.

The only in-game dragon Pokemon you can get are salamence, altaria, and rayquaza

No, Salamence can only learn one of these moves, if u want a hydropump, get a male gyrados, kingdra, seedra milotic,,, these pokemon must have a hyropump, and a female salamence if u want a dragon rush get ur self a male garchop which has a dragon rush move and female salamence so the egg will become bagon

No, salamence can only be found in the Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald versions of Pokemon. They can be obtained by catching a Bagon at Meteor Falls, and then evolving it into Shellgon at level 30, and then Salamence at level 50.

you cant Pokemon its just a cartoon you will only see them on tv or computer anything that you can watch cartoon.

No. Salamence is a 3rd generation Pokemon and can only be obtained in Pokemon ruby, sapphire, emerald , diamond, pearl and platinum.

Dragon type moves are only super effective against Dragon type Pokemon.

Sorry. Only characters from original Cartoon Network shows are on. That means only "cartoon network originals"

Shedinja is hurt only by super-effective moves.

They're moves the Pokemon can only learn as an egg. When breeding two Pokemon, the baby will be the species of the female, and have the moves of the father. If you're breeding with a Ditto, the baby will always have the species and moves of the non-Ditto Pokemon.

Well, in the US, you can currently only watch Pokemon on Cartoon Network.

A pokemon can only learn 4 moves at a time. However there is a move teacher that can teach your pokemon moves it forgot as long as it is in the 4 move limit.

In all Pokemon videogames, Pokemon only learn four moves. When you want your Pokemon to learn a new move, you must delete one of the four existing moves. In the anime (TV Show) Pokemon seem to have more than four moves, but forget the ones that they don't use over time.

None, it only has pre-evolution moves and egg moves but it does not learn any moves.

depends if it has a pocket monsters sign on the back yes but only if its japaensse if it has regular Pokemon sign on it its a normal booster pack card

the moves of dragonite in the cartoons are thunder,thunderbolt,hyperbeam,icebeam,blizzard,outrage,dragonrage,fly,dragonclaw,wingattack,bodysalm,hydropump,rage FINALY POWERFULEST THUNDER MOVE GUEST WHAT THE ANSWER IS ZAP CANNON

It depends on your pokemons levels and moves. If you have any dragon type moves, they'll help you a lot..EDIT:You should have 6 Pokemon before you do the Elite Four.My team when I did it was;Swampert: 55Skarmory: 53Breloom: 50Mageneton: 51Salamence: 59Walrein: 52If you haven't saved yet, I suggest going back, catching more pokemon, and leveling up to the minimum of very high 40's. (48+)Drake is a Dragon Type. His Pokemon include;ShelgonAltariaKingdraFlygonSalamenceAltaria,Flygon,and Salamence are all x4 Ice.Shelgon is x2 IceBut Kingdra's only weakness is Dragon, so he's a bit hard.Hope all of this helps!

You will need to use TM02- Fly to teach it. The only Pokemon that can learn Fly naturally are Salamence and Rayquaza.

Salamence is found at Mt. Sorbet, where Articuno is. It is at the the Cave of Icicles, where Walrein and Ninetales are. (To find Ninetales, complete Quest "The Ninetales in Mt. Sorbet".) Well, Salamence is blocked by a huge boulder of ice that requires 3 Pokemon with 3 burn. Also, the Boulder of Ice is at the at the Left of the Room. Now enter the room. Salamence will be the only Pokemon in that room. Catch Salamence! And you will notice that it is the only Pokemon that has 4 Burn! Hope it helped! Note: The Block of Ice blocking the room, will be gone forever so don't worry about releasing Salamence. Note 2: Salamence can NOT be found in any other place. Note 3: If you need any help on Pokemon Ranger Guardian Signs, just go to Note 4: There are only three pokémon in the game with 3 burn: magmortar (Sky Fortress), camerupt (in crater next to the numel flock on Faldera Volcano), and infernape. The infernape is in the room behind the electabuzz slate on Mt. Sorbet which can be broken only after beating the Light Temple in the past. Alone it will be nearly impossible to clear this mission. Good luck.

Being a dragon/flying type, like dragonite, Salamence is 4 times weak against Ice type moves. Dragon type moves are also super-effective but only by x2.

the best moves on Pokemon are only for these Pokemon dialga = roar of time palkia = spacial rend giratina = shadow force arceus = all of the above plus jugdement as you can see, arceus is the only one who can learn all these devastating moves, while the other three can only learn certain moves (unless u cheat)

Because those aren't Electric Pokemon moves. Certain Pokemon of certain categories can only do certain moves. Pickachu is Electric so he can perform Electric moves only.

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