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What ambitions did Stalin Hitler and Mussolini have in common?


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They wanted (or so they said) to improve their respective countries. They wanted to be powerful and remove competition.


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All three were dictators: Germany = Hitler, Italy = Mussolini, Russia = Stalin.

what they have in common is is that they were all dictators in one place or another Hitler was responsible of the deaths of 6 million Jews Stalin in my case was the good guy and Mussolini he was just a dictator !

They were all Fascists, and were all on the same side at one point.

They were all fascist leaders during the 1900s.

With Hitler he was a socialist. He had nothing in common with Stalin.

Hitler and Stalin both had fathers that abused them.....Mussolini I have no idea. I don't know of any other dictators of that time.

Hitler and Mussolini were both thugs, who appealed to the most barbaric and uncivilized elements of their respective nations.

Hitler, Mussolini and France where all Fasists. After Hitler occupied Austria in 36 Mussolini became his ally. They then both agreed to help Franco in the spanish civil war Hitler, Mussolini and France where all Fasists. After Hitler occupied Austria in 36 Mussolini became his ally. They then both agreed to help Franco in the spanish civil war

Common agenda. Fascism and Hitlers ideals mix well. Mussolini became leader of Italy in 1922. Hitler came to power later and so he looked to Mussolini for ideas and also a mentor in formulating his miliary. On 14 June, 1934, Hitler made his first trip to meet Mussolini to discuss "international policy". Mussolini put on a show of his military might to impress Hitler. However, Mussolini did not want Germany to annex Austria and share a common border with Italy. He succeded in this for a few years. Some say that Hitler was inspired to use the stiff-armed "Nazi salute" from observing Mussolini's troops using the Roman salute. On the other hand, Mussolini tried to emulate the German "goose step" march after his visit to Germany in 1937. After 1937, Hitler was in command of his own destiny and did not look to Mussolini for direction or inspiration. In World War 2 Mussolini was just a nuisance - going to war, getting a sound hiding and then asking Hitler for help.

Both were dictators, poor military leaders and they both died during WWII.

the death of millionsHitler and Stalin have a few things in common.They were both the leaders of their country, and both wanted to control Poland.They were both a major part of WW2 and how it started and ended, they both were controlling, used propaganda and instilled fear and admiration in their people, and both of them were quite paranoid of their friends/'co-workers'; they were afraid they would be assassinated or plotted against.And both Stalin and Hitler had work camps and went after specific people (Hitler went after the Jewish religion, and Stalin went after the Ukrainians) - which resulted in the deaths of millions, for both.

Joseph Stalin and Adolf Hitler were both dictators and mass murderers who played a central role in WW II; they were probably the two most feared and most destructive men of the 20th century, if not of all human history.

The tsars and Stalin were dictators. What the tsars and the Stalin government had in common was that they demanded complete loyalty.

Typical of the fascist ideology that both Hitler and Mussolini believed in, the two leaders tried to use rhetoric and propaganda to stir up feelings of anti-communism, anti-capitalism, antisemitism, nationalistic pride, and most importantly, that the laws and actions of the government are for the common good.

Psychologically, aside from possibly some form of God Complex, they all had ailurophobia. Which is the phobia of cats.

There was the "common wisdom" that European problems would remain in Europe and therefore the United States need not get involved.

Stalin did not needed Hitler for help. They were not allies during World War II. They became enemies after Hitler violated a non-aggression pact. Yes, with the exception of the division of Poland and the Soviet occupation of the Baltic states there was nothing in common between the two. The non aggression pact was used by Hitler to secure his eastern frontier prior to launching Barbarossa in the summer of 1941.

The Dictators Adolph Hitler, Benito Mussolini and Josef Stalin all used tactics of deception, manipulation, murder and oppressive rule. They all worshipped themselves and cared little about the people of their nations. They were all considered megalomaniacs, sociopaths and at the end Hitler was considered deranged by his generals. They had troublesome upbringings and backgrounds. Millions of people around the world were glad when they were all deceased after their evil rule.

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