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What ammunition does 1892 Winchester 25-20 use?


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the ammunition would be the 25-20 Winchester center fire (25-20 WCF). ammunition is still manufactured by Winchester for this rifle.


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No, at least not on the original production guns (1892 - 1941).

The chambering will be stamped right into the barrel.Since it's a 94, it will probably be stamped 30 WCF (Winchester Center Fire) which today is called 30-30 Winchester

Completely depends on the ammunition you use. The long barrel tends to be just a little slower with most .22 ammunition but they are a highly accurate rifle with most ammo....

1892 Winchester caliber .44-40 carbine with a standard 20-inch barrel

22 Short, 22 Long, or 22 Long Rifle rimfire interchangeably.

The rifleman as seen on the old TV series used a Winchester model 1892 rifle,or a reproduction of that rifle.

Your Winchester model 1894 angle eject(AE) will accept any commercial made ammunition marked by caliber .45 colt.

It shoots .22 Winchester Automatic ammunition. It is obsolete and out of production but can still be found for sale by individuals on internet auction sites, etc. . It is NOT the same as currently produced 22 s,l &lr ammunition.

All firearms use some form of gunpowder as part of its ammunition.

soldiers always carry ammunition for reload their gun.

If your barrel is marked .300 Savage then you can shoot .300 Savage ammunition by any manufacturer. I do not know of a "300 Savage Winchester Magnum".

No, Centerfire ammunition is a cartridge-type ammunition, where muzzleloaders use separate bullet, powder, and priming charges.

Look on the barrel, it will be marked with the correct ammunition.

It should be marked either on the receiver or barrel Mine is marked .410 3" chamber, and it works extremely well with WInchester Super X ammo


ammunition means "to be fired from a gun" so slug ammunition means they use it as a bullet ,or with one ,or maybe they have a bullet as a shape of a slug

POSSIBLY- and this is a stab in the dark- 7.62 NATO- similar to the civilian .308 Winchester. RG is a headstamo used by the Radway Green ammunition plant in Britain. In 1950, the standard rifle used the 7.62 NATO cartridge. Again, just a guess.

Ammunition should be stored in a safe when not in use. If the ammunition is being used on the range, only the amount needed should be out, and it should be kept out of the reach of children.

you use to transfer ammunition to range personnel or other unit personnel?

You will have to have it checked out by a good gunsmith. There is more than one type of 7.65 ammunition.

If the barrel has 5.56 printed on it or you have verified with the manufacturer that ALL of their barrels are good for 5.56 ammunition.

Vampire Knives neither use ammunition nor mana, they can be thrown limitlessly.

Your winchester model 1903 shoots a different ammo than regular .22cal rimfire made today.It is chambered for the .22 Winchester auto rimfire cartridge.This ammo can still be found I believe at Old western scrounger. Try www.old western believe they are 12.95 a box for 50 rounds,maybe a bit more.

No. The ammo used by military snipers (not designated marksmen) is hand loaded by the Ordinance Corps. Also, the military doesn't use .308 - they use 7.62x51, which matches the .308 Winchester in dimension, but differs in areas such as neck angles and case thickness.

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