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What animal is Jem most like?

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Jem is most like a mockingbird. He is because his innocence is killed by mankind, when he is still just a child.

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What sport did Jem like most?

Out of all the sports, Jem liked football the most.

What sport did jem like the most?


What were Jem and Scout most looking forward to as summer came in To Kill a Mockingbird?

Jem and Scout were both looking forward to Dill visiting like he does every summer.

What fruit or vegetable looks most like an animal?

Buddha hand fruit looks most like an animal.

What does Mrs Dubose give Jem?

a camellia flower, like the ones of hers that Jem destroyed earlier. She did that to show Jem that she wasn't as awful of a person as Jem (and Scout) believed she was.

What is the favorite animal of most people?

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How does Cal show she cares for Scout and Jem?

Cal looks after Scount and Jem like her own children

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go on animal jam and do a jem donation for wild rabbits

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Most people like it but I don't. It's like copying a animal.

How do Jem and Dill differ in to kill a mockingbird?

Dill is 6 and Jem is 10 when they first meet. Dill comes up with most of the games Scout, Jem and himself play. Jem is Scouts Brother. Dill has no REAL family.

What is the animal most like a llama?


What animal is most like a robber?


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Why does calpurnia now call Jem mister Jem?

He began to become moody and trying to act like atticus.

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Who is Jem?

Jem is a 80's fictional character on TV, known because of her band, Jem and the Holograms. She has pink, crazy hair and Jem Star Earrings, which are motion sensors to activate Sinergy, a robot/holographic character who can create holograms and stuff like that. You can watch Jem and the Holograms on the Hub.

How does Jem want Scout to act?

jem wants scout to act more like a girl so that way she will mature.

Which animal is most like a real animal?

Pretty much any animal that is living (which if you didn't know means if an animal is breathing.)

What sport does jem like to kill a mockingbird?


How does Atticus prevent Jem and Scout from catching the disease of most people in Maycomb?

He saids, "I hope Jem and Scout come to me for answers."

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kitty cats

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A Cheetah

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