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These were the animals in Virginia. white tail deer, cottontail rabbit, gray squirrel, opossum Skunks, coyotes, beavers, chipmunks, foxes, otters, muskrats, many types of snakes, birds, other reptiles and amphibians, nutria, moles and shrews, groundhogs, flying squirrels, bears.

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What type of animals are in Virginia?

Deer, Bear, Raccoon, Possum, Squirrel, Chipmunk and Fox are very common animals throughout most of Virginia.

Animal life in Virginia?

There are several animals that are native to Virginia. These animals include the American bullfrog, the eastern cottonmouth, orioles, beavers, and black bears.

What are some endangered animals or special animals of Virginia?

out of the top 10 endangered species of Virginia, here are 2 animals the Red cockaded wood pecker , and the Leather back Sea turtle.

For what reason did they found Virginia?

they found virginia for crops and animals the most crop they wanted was tobbaco

What kind of animals live in Virginia?

There are: * wild animals. * farm animals. * pets. * people. * fish. * birds. * insects.

What are animals native to West Virginia?

bears etc

What are invasive animals to Virginia?

blah, no one cares.

What animals should be avoided in Virginia?

Wild Boars.

Food the Virginia Colony ate?


Why have some larger animals become extinct in West Virginia?


What animals live in the coastal plains of Virginia?

Animals that live in the coastal plains of Virginia can include rabbits, foxes, bobcats, deer and raccoon. Birds, turtles, frogs and even bears can also be found.

What wildlife are found in Virginia?

They have a lot of deer in Virginia. also some coyotes and other cat types. Bears and smaller animals.

What animals could be found in a Virginia forest?

I live in Virginia and in a typical forest there are squirrel, deer, insects, and some raccoons maybe.

How do Virginia animals differ from California animals?

They differ because the different animals grew up or evolved in different habitats. Virginia is further up north where it is cold so, most animals there may have longer fur , depending on the type of animal. California is located near the Pacific, so most of their animals may be more adaptive to water.

What animals are in West Virginia?

Foxes opossums racoons bears deer and beavers

By the mid 1700s slaves in Virginia were?

Private property, like farm animals.

What kind of critters are in West Virginia?

every random animalslike lizard and pertile...

What state euthanizes animals the most?

If you count PETA as a state organization its probably Virginia.

What kind of animals are in the state Virginia?

White tail deer,black bear,etc.

What happened the slaves in Virginia by the mid 1700s?

Private property, like farm animals

What animals live in the Appalachian Plateau region of Virginia?

Hawks, eagles, and owls live in the Appalachian Plateau region of Virginia. Theae birda are very adapt to this region.

When are young deer born in Virginia?

It is important to know the birth cycle of many animals. Young deer are generally born during the spring or summer time in Virginia.

Marsupial animals of US?

The only marsupial that lives in the US is the Virginia opossum, Didelphis Virginiana.

What animal life is in West Virginia?

I do not know all of the animals that live there but I do know there are A LOT of deer.

What animals live in the tidewater region?

Tidewater region is the south eastern region of Virginia. Animals that live there includes wading birds, mussels, small fish and crabs. The water has the source of food for these animals.

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