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Coyotes eat foxes. Coyotes are faster and bigger. Coyotes are their only predator.
Cougars and coyotes kill foxes

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What animals do foxes eat?

Foxes are carnivores which means they will only eat meat. They eat most types of birds and frogs as well as other animals that they can catch easily.Foxes eat small animals such as snakes, mice, rabbits, birds, etc.

Do foxes eat diseased rabbits that have myxomatosis?

Foxes eat both healthy and diseased animals.

Do foxes eat beetles?

Yes, foxes do eat beetles. Foxes also eat grass, birds, eggs, berries, crickets, grasshoppers, and amphibians. Foxes are wild animals.

What animals can eat a fox?

mountain lions eat kit foxes, wolves eat red foxes. plus coyotes will eat foxes if the fox is already dead.

What prairie animals eat foxes?

bears bigger foxes cyotes dogs

What do Texas foxes eat?

Foxes in Texas eat a variety of animals and plants. Rabbits, mice, rats, squirrels, birds, insects, earthworms, fish, and a number of other animals are eaten by foxes.

Who animals eat owls?

foxes and other medium carnivorous animals

Does a fox eat animals?

Yes, foxes are omnivores and eat both plants and animals.

What do red foxes drink and eat?

Red foxes eat primarily small animals as well as some plant life. As with all animals, they drink water.

How do foxes eat?

Foxes eat by using their sharp teeth and catching small animals. Some foxes will bury their food so they can come back later in the winter to eat it.

What animals eat meadowlarks?

In the grasslands, owls and foxes eat meadowlarks.

What do young foxes eat?

Young foxes eat several different animals. Some things that the foxes eat are skunks, chicken and bird eggs, squirrels, and possums.

Do foxes eat ferns?

Foxes are omnivores and eat a variety of plants and animals but I doubt that the fern is considered a delicacy by the fox.

What eat muskrats?

foxes, wolves, smaller animals

What eats European robins?

animals that can catch them as in: cats, foxes,weselzels,ferrets, and frogs eat them animals that can catch them as in: cats, foxes,weselzels,ferrets, and frogs eat them

Are gray foxes carnivores?

Gray foxes are omnivores. They eat plant matter as well as animals.

Are Arctic foxes omnivores?

Yes, Arctic foxes are omnivores. They eat both plants and animals.

Do red foxes eat already dead animals?

Yes,red foxes will feed on carrion.

Do foxes eat other stuff?

Yes they do the even eat dead animals

Do foxes eat reptiles?

Yes, foxes will eat reptiles, insects as well as a variety of other small animals as well as plants.

What does the fox eat only meat or meat and plants?

Foxes are carnivorous animals and only eat meat

What do domestic red foxes eat?

There is no such thing as a domestic fox. All foxes are wild animals and nearly all are omnivores. They eat a variety of small animals as well as plants.

Are fennec foxes carnivores or herbivores?

Neither, fennec foxes are omnivores and eat both plants and animals.

What animals eat chipmunks?

badgers , bears , foxes , weasels , and owls eat chipmunks .

What animals eat big birds?

Red pandas and foxes normally eat birds.

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