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What animals eat toads?

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woms slugs any bug...if its a big toad it will eat baby mice

2008-06-03 00:41:39
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Q: What animals eat toads?
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Related Questions

Are toads vegetarian?

No. Toads eat flies, which are other (meat) creatures / animals.

What animals eat frogs and toads?

There are a lot of animals eating frogs and toads, like birds, snakes, predatory fish and crocodilians.

What do cane toads eat?

They eat cane beetles and other native animals

Can toads eat carrots?

Yes but usually toads only eat live moving things DONT HURT ANIMALS ANIMAL CRULITY IS WRONG Yes but usually toads only eat live moving things DONT HURT ANIMALS ANIMAL CRULITY IS WRONG

What does small toads eat?

Most likely small toads eat what adult toads eat.

What type of animals eat insects?

Snakes, birds, frogs and toads.

What do baby toads eat and big toads?

Baby toads eat the same things that big toads eat. They eat insects.

What eats cane toads and how are they affected?

Not many animals eat cane toads because of their warts and their repulsive appearance. The few creatures that eat toads include snakes, and owls. However, cane toads are frequently run over and squashed on the roads.

When do toads eat?

Toads eat at night.

What omnivores live in a pond?

Toads/Frogs eat both plants and animals.

Do hawks eat toads?

Hawks do eat toads

Do toads eat donuts?

No, toads do not eat donuts.

Do Venus Flytraps eat animals?

Yes, Venus Flytraps eat flies. The big ones only eat small toads or frogs. Other than that, no animals.

How big of an animal will hawks eat?

Hawks can eat animals quite big. some of the animals they eat can you're life but not a hawks! It can eat snakes, toads or anything that isn't small!!! all i can say is that they can eat LARGE animals

Do foxes eat toads?

Yes, red foxes will eat frogs and toads. They regularly feed on things like rabbits and other small animals, but will also eat fish, vegetables, and scraps from a garbage bin.

Can toads eat toads?

Yes. Toads will eat anything that fits in their mouths as long as it moves first.

What do to toads eat?

Toads eat insects, worms, slugs, snails and spiders. Large toads can eat small mammals such as mice.

Can American baby toads eat sugar?

Toads are carnivores - they eat insects.

Do Toads eat Tree Frogs?

no toads do not eat tree fogs

Do adult toads eat grass?

No, toads don't eat grass.

Can big toads eat rabbits?

toads don't eat rabbits

What do toads eat and where can you get it?

toads eat insects, such as crickets.... you can get them at pet smart

If the toad died out how would this affect the environment?

Toads eat a lot of arthropods and are eaten by some specialised animals. Soms birds and snakes eat mostly toads, and they will have more difficulty finding food.

What animal eats slugs at night?

They are usually eaten by these animals :ducks and chickensBut Nocturnal animals that eat slugs are :snakes and toads

Can American baby toads eat lettuce?

Toads do not eat plants. They are carnivores and eat insects.