What appointments can the president make?

The president appoints the cabinet , the delegate to the UN, all foreign ambassadors ,supreme court justices and ranking federal judges. All appointments must be approved by the Senate before they can take affect.

In addition to those in the first answer, the US President also appoints, with the advice and consent of the US Senate, many of the positions below the 15 Cabinet members in the Cabinet departments and the Generals and Admirals of the military. The President also appoints the Vice President when the vice presidency is vacated mid-term due to the death, resignation or removal of either the Vice President or the President. That is the only presidential appointment that must be approved by both Houses of Congress.

The President appoints the cabinet officers, all ambassadors, ranking federal judges, including supreme court justices, as well as certain other high-ranking federal officials. All of his appointments must be approved by the US Senate before they can take effect.