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What are 3 types of decisions that need to be made in economics?


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What is the Marginal Benefit?

What is the Marginal Cost?

At what point does the MB & MC equal out? (All needs & wants satisfied)


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No cos I've made loads of decisions and they worked out well

So that any decisions that need to be made can be made by a third party who won't be bias.

Research is useful in economics to know the need of the consumer.

To answer a question question we need a who, what, when, where, why, or how. Your question needs to give us the who, when, and where.

if resources were in abundant there would have been no need to study economics why? what is production

It can be important when the decisions of management are related to the whole of the social system. A possible change in the forecast of the progress of the macro-economy can result in the need for the managemental decision-making to re-align with it.

There are a few key decisions that should be made if one is going to purchase and engagement ring. These decisions include proper size for fit, cost, a jeweller, color, cut, and carat of the gem.

why managers need to know about economics

1. Being a manager, why should you have some basic understandings about economics?

The basic economic problem is scarcity. Resouces are limited and scarce, and in relation to this, wants are unlimited. Because of this, choices need to be made.

it is called ECONOMICS and we need to understand for times of reccesion

meatballs can be made from all types of meat, fish, poultry, they all need a binder such as eggs.

In composite risk management, the purpose of developing controls and making decisions is so you can reduce or even eliminate the problem. This must be done as quickly as possible and the decisions need to be made known to the entire team.

Technical decisions can provide insight into economic decisions that need to be made. Technology can be used to discover outcomes and determine how long it will take to pay something off, such as a mortgage.

You need a analytical thinking...

It is important to study economics so that you understand the market. You need to understand why you pay what you do for the things you value.

the government has to make many dicisions like how much well fair is given to be house hold and what lws need to enforced. :)

The purpose of the kitchen, personal or larger scale. Are any recipes going to need special equipment on a regular basis

Layout decisions are based on a great number of things. These layouts need to meet the demands of the location.

A management accountant needs to weigh different types of cost and benefits. There are no real guidelines or standards to be followed. They need to make sure biases don't impact the measurement of performance. Most decisions that they make are made under a level of uncertainty.

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