What are 3 ways food can become spoiled?

The three ways through which food gets spoiled are;

  • Microbial activity.
  • Physiological changes in the food.
  • Physical damages to the food.

Microbial activity involves microbial metabolism which produces a variety of products such as acids, ethanol, mycotoxins, and aflatoxins. These products cause a lot of chemical changes in the food which culminates into food spoilage.

Such microorganisms include; Bacteria, Yeasts and Molds, and Viruses.

Physiological changes in the food such as respiration, transpiration and ripening leading to ethylene gas production lead to food deterioration in nutrients and in quality attributes such as change in color, shape, consistence, and flavor.

such changes in food result into food spoilage.

Food is composed of living tissues which carry out a number of activities suuch as respiration, enzyme activity and metabolism.

These activities are carried out at the expense of the food contents and there fore lead to loss in value of such.They also produce byproducts which act as spoilage agents.

Physical damage;

Food is covered by protective layers that protect it from environmental stress and provide barrier to microbial entry, once this barrier is broken by some physical means such as bruises, cuts, and deformations, the food becomes prone to spoilage.

By MBAZIIRA MAHMUDU,Bsc.Food Science and Technology

Marere University-Kampala Uganda