What are AP credits?

Updated: 12/10/2022
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Advanced Placemen (AP) courses are typically taken at the high school level and in most cases, a grade of three or better can give students either exemption or credit for the courses past at many colleges and universities.

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Q: What are AP credits?
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Can you buy imvu credits with AP?

yes you do, you get 2,000 credits

Which colleges do not accept AP credits?

It depends on what course it was you took and what score you made on the AP test.

Will you be able to graduate earlier if you are in an accelerated program in high school?

not necessarily depends what courses you say get AP credits in, how you do on the AP tests and what not I had 19 college credits from AP before my first year None of them counted as I did engineering and they simply didnt apply

When do i get money for passing ap exam?

You do not get paid for passing the AP Exam. However, passing the AP Exam saves time and money on the credits you can earn in advance by earning a three or higher depending on the college.

What are ap classes?

AP (Advance Placement) classes are classes that are for a higher level in a way than honors. It is a class that gives you a prep for college courses. If you even pass the AP test you receive college credits.

If you have an ap class is it more credits in high school?

In most high schools, it would be weighted.

How many colleges accept ap credit?

Almost all. Most have a limit to how many credits you can receive.

Does Michigan State University accept AP credits?

It does and I believe there isnt a certain amount, but for dual enrollment it is 10 courses

Can I do a year at any university and then transfer to Tisch school of performing arts?

Typically you can transfer college credits from a University. The guidelines for Tisch School of Performing Arts state, "Students admitted as transfers may apply AP and IB credits to the record, as long as these credits when added to transferred college credit do not exceed departmental limits of transfer credits."

If you are an undecided high school student who will pick either pre-med or engineering in college should you take ap physics b ap biology or ap chemistry?

All of the above. You will need lots of science credits with either field. Biology will be more useful for pre-med. The other two would be useful for both.

Who is killerkback on imvu?

Some dude that says he can get you VIP, AP, UBER PACK (whatever that is), and your name registered if you add him and give him credits and stuff. It's complete nonsense.

Is it necessary to take advanced placement classes to get into a good college?

No, Ap course are a help though. Ap courses are actually college level courses offered in high school. This means that taking Ap will look amazing on your college application and can allow you to "skip" a year in some courses. For example German 5 is a ap course in high school and is offered in first year college.