What are Georgia?

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Georgia is a girl not a boy she is also very very very smart and has a georguse personallity
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What are Georgia state laws regarding homeschooling?

Georgia General Assembly . "Requirements for Home Study Programs (O.C.G.A. 9 20-2-690 ET SEQ.). Every parent, guardian, or other person residing within this state having co

What are Georgia O'Keeffe's siblings' names?

Georgia was one of seven children of Francis Calixtus and Ida (Totto) O'Keeffe ---Francis C., Jr.; Georgia Totto; Ida Ten Eyck; Anita Natalie; Alexius Wyckoff; Catherine Blanc

What are Georgia O' Keefe art work?

skuls,flowes and shells because she lived in the desert and the skuls and shells and flowers where right at her door step P.S find me on facebook my name is ryan slark thanks

What are Georgia and Virginia?

They are two of the fifty states of The United States of America.Georgia is also a country on the border between Europe and Asia.Virginia is also a common given name for a gir