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What are Italy's holidays?


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Most of the holidays in Italy are based off the Roman Catholic beliefs and notable saints.

January's holidays consist of New Years Day(1), Epiphany (6), and Flag Day (7). February includes Patron Saint of Doues Day(3), Patron Saint of Nocera Umbra Day (9), and Mardi Gras/Ash Wednesday/Fat Tuesday(14).

March has the festival of Donna(8), Patron Saints of Gorizia(8), and Festival of San Giuseppe/Good Friday/EasterSunday/Easter Monday(19) depending on the month.

April has only April fools day(1), Liberation day(25), and the Patron Saint of Venezia Day(25).

May day has even less with only May Day(1).

June claims Republic Day(2), Patron Saint of Firenze Day (24), and Patron Saints of Roma Day(29).

July includes Patron Saint of Grottammare Day(10) and Palermo Day (15).

August has Patron Saint of Sant'Alessio in Aspromonte(2) and Day of Assumption(15).

September claims both Patron Saint of Napoli(19) and Patron Saint of Calasetta Day(22).

October has Patron saint of of Bolgna Day(4).

November has All Saints Day(1), Day of the Dead(2), Patron Saint of Trieste Day(3), and Patron Saint of Foiano della Chiana Day(11).

December is a busy month with Patron Saint of Bari Day(6), Patron Saint of Milano Day(7), Immaculate Conception(8), Christmas(25), Saint Stephen's Day(26), and Saint Silvester's Day(31).