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What are The earths oceans?


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1. Atlantic

2. Pacific

3. Indian

4. Arctic

5. Southern
5 Oceans in the world 1. Pacific Ocean 2. Atlantic Ocean 3. Indian ocean 4. Arctic Ocean 5. The World Ocean
Pacific;NorthAtlantic;South Atlantic;Indian;Arctic.Yep, that's 5.....
Pacific, Atlantic, Indian, Southern, Arctic.
Arctic ,Indian ,Pacific ,Atlantic ,and i don't know the last one sorry
North and South pacific, North and South Atlantic, Indian and Arctic
Pacific, Atlantic, Indian, Southern, and Arctic. See the Related Link below for more details.

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97% of the Earths water is in our oceans.

The gravitational forces of the Sun and Moon, effect the earths oceans by forming tides.

Some say that the earths oceans are really one ocean because there isn't anything separating them. This is true for all the oceans.

It was about 4 billion years ago, that the Earths oceans formed

Uneven heating of the Earths atmosphere and oceans by the sun

arctic, pacific, Indian, and Atlantic

Oceans, Volcanoes and landforms

If we did not have the moon, there would be no waves.

Uneven heating of the Earths atmosphere and oceans by the sun

There are five oceans on earth # Arctic # Atlantic # Indian # Pacific # Southern (or Antarctic)

The oceans have a major effect on climate around the globe.

The Atlantic, Pacific, Indian, and Arctic.

Moving plates in the earths mantle.

The moon affects the oceans on earth in many ways. It raises tides in oceans. It helps cleaning ocean water.

The oceans are particularly valuable for aquatic animals, like fish, that are eaten.

The moon has a greater effect than the sun on the earths oceans.

The relative position of the sun has a small effect on the earths tides.

Hydrogen is the most abundant element in earth's oceans. Oceans are full of water. Water is 66.66% made of hydrogen.

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