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What are The specifications on a 1998 mack truck?

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Whatever specifications the original purchaser ordered it with.

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How much does a 2001 mack truck weigh?

Depends on the model, configuration, and specifications.

Where can you buy a mack truck hat?

At a Mack Trucks dealership.

Is there a mack pick up truck?

Mack doesn't make a pickup '1/2 ton' style truck.

What are the specifications that make a truck a super truck?

The specifications that make a truck a super truck would be how much it can carry. As well as how wide and long and strong the super truck is can also tell you what kind of truck it is.

What engine in 1986 mack truck?

Either a Mack or a Cummins engine.

Does mack make a pickup truck?


Did mack make a pickup truck?

Yes, The Mack Junior pick up was produced in the 1930 but anemic sales resulted in its demise making it a very rare collectible vehicle.

How do you change turn signals in a mack truck?

you spelled mack wrong...its mac

What is the weight of the a 1998 Mack- Dump truck?

Between 20,000 and 30,000, depending on specifics (model, type of dump body, etc)

What are the specifications of the engines in dump trucks?

The specifications of dump truck engines vary by what type of dump truck and what type of engine you are asking about. Different kinds of dump trucks have different specifications.

Where to buy mack truck engine cylinder head online?

Mack cyclinder head

Where was the first mack truck made?


Through what venues can one purchase a Mack dump truck?

Many cities have an authorized Mack Truck Dealership. They offer new and used Mack trucks for sale or can help you locate the model you want. If your city or surrounding area does not have a Mack Truck Dealer, you can also look in your local newspaper classified ads under "Used Heavy Equipment" for Mack Trucks.

Why was the courts in favor of Mack in the case Moore v Mack truck?

because Mack and Worldwide had contract, which were signed my Moore, that protected them

When did Joe Mack die?

Joe Mack died on 1998-12-19.

What is a four letter word that would be on a front of a truck?

fire truck Mack Ford

What is the logo on Dale Gribble's hat?

Mack Truck

What is Mack Truck symbol on the stock market?


What breed of dog is the mack truck mascot?


Do mack truck employees get a discount at car dealership?


Does Mack truck employees get discounts on Volvo cars?


How much r-134 in mack truck ac system?

How many pounds of freon does it takes to full the A/C system on a Mack truck CH 613_2004

Timing specifications for 1998 Chevy 5.7 engine?

my check engine light is on on start up truck runs great after wormed up runs rough

How hard is it to get the king pins out on a 1979 mack truck?

The king pin is part of the trailer, not the truck...

Where can you buy used mack trucks?

Truck dealerships, Truck Trader, Heavy Equipment Trader

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