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He likes steak..the color blue..cats..dogs..R&B..he likes to write songs...he is sensitive..he likes to sing and preform. I just searched Google


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Who does Nick Jonas like the best from joe Kevin and Frankie Jonas?

nick Jonas likes joe and Kevin but he likes Frankie morenick Jonas likes joe and Kevin but he likes Frankie more

What is Nick Jonas fav Sport?

Nick Jonas likes golf .

What things does Nick Jonas like?

Nick Jonas likes all sorts of things as he is a cute, clever, funny 17 year old musical prodigy! LOVE him! <3333333333333333333333333333333333333333

Who does Nick Jonas listen to?

Nick Jonas Likes :Stevie Wonder, And some other bands Nick Jonas Likes :Stevie Wonder, And some other bands

Does Nick Jonas like girls who are shy?

Nobody but Nick Jonas knows what kind of girl Nick Jonas likes. == ==

How do become I Nick Jonas Friend?

If you are a girl nick Jonas likes it if you don't come on to strong If you are a guy Nick Jonas likes lt if you just hangout with him and be his NICE friend

Music Does Nick Jonas Likes?

nick Jonas likes a kind of rocky cross between funky/hip hopy.

What are the Jonas Brothers cereals?

Nick Jonas likes Cheerio's Joe Jonas likes Trix Kevin Jonas likes Cocoa Puffs!

What clothing stores does Nick Jonas like?

nick Jonas likes...well dk what stored he likes butt i no he likes his tight pants AND HE LOVES HIS TIE COLLECTION =) i love nick i love nick

Does Nick Jonas likes someone?

of course nick jonas likes someone but it's not you! you fugly B i t c h

What does nick jonas likes?

writing songs! nick ROCKS!!!!

What color does nick Jonas like on a girl?

Nick Jonas likes a variety of bright colors on the girl. Examples of the bright colors that Nick Jonas likes on the girl includes Red, Pink and Blue.

How does Nick Jonas like?

If you are asking if nick Jonas is hot he is and he likes me i live in Ohio he met me at a concert and we hit it off had so many things in common sorry he is taken

Does Nick Jonas like guys?

Nick Jonas is not gay. He likes girls as much as the next guy.

Is the Jonas Brother's fav state NY?

yes.BUT NOT NICK JONAS BECAUSE he likes DALLAS,TEXAS!and not Kevin Jonas likes NY. He likes NJ.and joe Jonas likes Arizona.so none of the Jonas brothers likes NY.

Will Nick Jonas like you?

NO. He only likes me!! HAHA

What does Nick Jonas and his brothers like to do on the road for fun?

Joe likes wiffelball nick likes to read Kevin likes to play guitar

Does Nick Jonas Like Toby Mac?

i don't know. All i just know is that nick jonas likes switchfoot

Does Nick Jonas like the name Delia?

Nick Jonas likes a lot of names. He probably will like the name Delia!

What is Nick Jonas real name?

Nick Jonas' real name is Nicholas Jerry Jonas but just stick with nick jonas:) no its Nicholas Jerry Jonas.. and he likes nick j. better get it right ok his name is Nicholas Jerry Jonas but he just wants it shorter:)

Who does Jonas brothers like miley?

Me and my friends say nick Jonas likes miley.

What kind of bread does Nick Jonas like?

Nick has said he likes white bread.

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