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Wi-Fi means it can connect to the internet wireless with out a DSL Cable or Ethernet Cable. Wi-Fi will basically allow you to like connect to you're Ninntendo Wii if you have one.

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Q: What are Wi-Fi systems and how do they work?
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How do you get an ipod touch to work without wifi?

It will work without wifi, yet you need wifi for the store and setup

How was WiFi discovered?

While cleaning out a wiring closet, technicians in Sri Lanka discovered that all the systems continued to not work even if they cut the wires and made it wireless. Boom...WiFi was discovered.

Why is having better wifi better?

Having Wifi at work will help much more for organization, easy communication everywhere within the company, great record keeping, security systems and a more modern company in general.

Is windows live messenger free on blackberry with wifi?

Yes it is free with wifi. But will not work without wifi connection.

How does the wifi work on ipod touch?

it has a chip similar to that in a laptop modem for wifi

Does bbm work without signal?

no it does not but if you have wifi it will work

What is Red Lobster's wifi password?

Ask your server. They may not even offer wifi (I have encountered restaurants with wifi, but it was only for their internal systems not customers). If they offer wifi the password is likely to be different at each restaurant.

How do you improve wireless power?

You are not alowed to modify the power of your WiFi transmitter (by law) because if you did this you would spoil the WiFi systems of your neibours.

Does Wifi Work in China Mobiles?


Will it work if you buy a wifi ipad in the UK and use it in South Africa?

yes >>wifi<< iPad means built in wifi, so you can get wifi on another planet.

Will any laptop work with wifi if it is wireless and in WiFi place?

Basically yes, any laptop with wifi capability and within wifi network will work. Other factors might contribute, is the wifi has public access, can you connect your laptop to the wifi network available and might be the wifi network required certain fee access that you may or not willing to pay.

How do you get the GTS to work on Pokemon?

you need a wifi conecter for it to work

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