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What are a lot of red marks on your thighs and hips?


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Chances Are They Are Streatch Marks Caused By Gaining Or Loosing Weight, They Are perfectly Normal For Anybody To Have At Any Age, If You Wish To Get Rid Of Them Use coco Butter Lotion.


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You can get stretch marks on many parts of your body when you gain weight quickly, and your skin stretches.

daughter is 17 and has red line on her upper thighs in the front of both legs. She has gain some weight but not that much. I don't see it as stretchmarks because I have stretch marks and they don't look the same. Please help Toni

Those are stretch marks probably that occur from your thighs rubbing together from walking for long periods of timeAnswerOh, are their anyways to get rid of them, I'm going to sumer camp this June and it's required to wear swimming suits when swimming and i really don't want those ugly marks on my legs then.

Possibly your thighs rubbing together when you walk?

It maybe a type of fungal rash. I would go check with the doctor. They will tell you what it is and may give you some cream or pills to get rid of it.

well first of all you can't get rid of stretch marks, but if you have those red stretch marks you can get rid of the red and it will go white and smaller these are the things you can get stretch marks when your pregnant, lose of weight, gain weight, hormons, when your body stretches and also if you have your period and you scratch your delicate body parts such as your hips, back of your legs, your under arms, thiys and boobs. things you can get rid of stretch marks a bit. *palmas coca butter * aloe bera *olive oil *lose weight it will go smaller.

Try the Magic Eraser. That usually gets rid of a lot of hard to remove marks.

I had red bumps on my thighs when i started gaining weight. They were really itchy. When i stopped gaining weight, I ended up with stretch marks. I think those bumps are just the skin that is stretching out.

small red marks in any part of your body symbolizes that you're a lucky person.

Red bumps on your thighs with white stuff coming out of them indicates that you have an infected rash. This requires immediate treatment with antibiotics to prevent it from spreading and affecting other parts of your body.

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Your description does look like they are stretch marks. You can try using 'Stretta' from Zenmed to get rid of them. Stretta is a herbal topical cream that works great for removing stretch marks quickly. I used it when I had developed stretch marks across my tummy post pregnancy and this worked better than cocoa butter and bio oil which I had tried initially.

Stay away, they are venomous. For example Black Widows have red marks they are one of the deadliest spiders out there! Be careful!

Red, unless it has any stains or burn marks on it.

I put isopropyl alcohol on a small rash between my thighs and it burned quite a lot. I didn't really help. Vitamin E oil works like a charm.

Red. I'm not sure why, but I think of red and all the red marks, and correcting with a red pen.

Home drug test. In addition to a drug test, there are some ways you may be able to tell visually. Are the marks near major veins? Are they in a line that seems to follow the path of the vein underneath the skin? If someone is just scratching itchy skin, the lines would probably just be red, and maybe a bit raised, as if someone's dragged their fingernails across that patch of skin. Track marks on the other hand would look like little pin pricks.

yes woolly worms bite and they sting and itch real bad they also leave a lot of red marks after they bite you experienced been biten before

you can tell that a rabbit has flees because they will be scratching themselves a lot and they may have red, irritated marks on their skin from either, the flea(s) biting them or from all the scratching.

Best thing you can do is LEAVE IT ALONE. Those marks WILL fade with time. You just have to be patient.

I get a red rash there and the best you can do is to keep it dry (NO WET CLOTHS) Or if it is really servere i rub 3-4 finger pinches of flour!

If your stretch marks are red you're definitely gaining weight. If your stretch marks are white you might be loosing weight. (for Caucasians)

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