German measles (rubella)

What are acceptable antibody levels for rubella vaccination?


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Negative 5 IU/ml or under

Borderline retest 5-9 IU/ml

Positive 10 IU/ml or more


Negative 0.89 IV

Borderline retest 0.90-1.09 IV

Positive 1.10 IV or more

Reference ranges may be slightly different from lab to lab and country to country.


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Vaccination introduces foreign antigen and the body responds by producing antibodies for that specific antigen. So overall levels of antibody may not considerably increase, but antibodies specific for that antigen will increase dramatically.

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Antibody levels naturally fall over the years, plus individual immunity levels will vary from individual to individual

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Acceptable Levels - 1985 is rated/received certificates of: Australia:PG

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It is not normal to have a test to detect the level of chickenpox virus in your blood. There is a high level of chickenpox virus in your blood early in the infection. I suspect that you're asking about chickenpox antibody levels in your blood. High levels of antibodies to varicella zoster virus indicates immunity, whether through previous infection or through vaccination.

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The antibody levels would increase due to the immune system's memory T-cells that are activated by the second exposure.

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