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Antibody levels naturally fall over the years, plus individual immunity levels will vary from individual to individual

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Q: Why would a person have no immunity to Hepatitis B after having the hep b vaccination series done twice?
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Which person most likely will fail to develop active immunity following vaccination?

hepatitis B immune globulin 2 months ago and MMR vaccine given today

Why should booster vaccination be given?

Booster vaccinations are given to stimulate the immune response and allow an animal or person to have continued immunity without having to go through the whole vaccination process again.

How can you catch hepatitis?

Since virus of hepatitis is air borne, even a healthy person can catch hepatitis if he/she comes in contact with an affected person, by sharing his utensils, cloths etc. As a precautionary measure, it is advisable to take hepatitis vaccination adult child alike before hand.

What does immunity mean in legal terms?

Having legal immunity from the law is a legal status that makes a person essentially free from legal matters. Immunity may mean that a person does not have to be liable for damages or punished for crimes that they commit. Legal kinds of immunity include diplomatic immunity, parliamentary immunity, judicial immunity, and sovereign immunity, among others.

What happens if you get a vaccination twice?

Getting a vaccination twice sometimes happens when there is a doubt about whether or not a person has had the vaccination before. In these cases, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends a new vaccination, and says there is little to no effect from having a repeat vaccination.

What is the definition of artificial immunity?

Having immunity to something means that you will be unaffected by that particular disease or condition. Artificial immunity is when a person is deliberately exposed to an antigen in order to acquire immunity, the most common form of artificial immunity being vaccinations.

A positive tuberculin skin test shows cellular immunity to Mycobacterium tuberculosis How could a person acquire this immunity?

having the actual disease

Does active immunity involve a person becoming immune to a pathogen as a result of having a disease?


Compare and contrast active and passive immunity?

Active immunity is immunity which is developed in response to having had an illness. Passive immunity is immunity which is developed as a result of a vaccine. Most vaccines use dead organisms, so the risk to the person is less than if they had contracted the actual disease.

What type of immunity occurs when a person receives the MMR vaccination?

When you are inoculated for MMR, your body develops antibodies to Measles, Mumps and Rubella. The antibodies help you resist those diseases.

In what immunity is a person given an injection of antibodies from another person or animal?

passive immunity

What is the acquired immunity that results when a person has a disease is?

what is the acquired immunity that results when a person has a disease

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