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What are advantages and disadvantages during the course studies between BA and BS in Psychology?

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The advantage and disadvantages would depend on what the person wants to do after the BS or BA. If continuing to graduate school, it would be best to speak with an academic adviser for the graduate program in which the person wants to enroll. They could tell you what the preference is. The most basic difference is BA degrees usually have a foreign language requirement and BS degrees do not. !

It all depends on your post graduate studies. If you want to go into clinical Psychology BS would seem to be more appropriate, whereas family psychologists are more appropriated to a BA degree for they use language interpretations in therapy. The degree only differs in the additional subjects, the psychology stays the same.

2015-07-14 15:06:51
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How is sociology related to psychology?

Sociology and psychology are related field as both are social sciences. A general rule of thumb is that psychology studies individuals' behavior (micro) and sociology is the study of group behavior (macro). There is a little bit of overlap between social psychology and sociology.

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The best place to find case studies in abnormal psychology would be in books. Check out Chapters or Amazon for psychology books or even a local University bookstore.

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