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Only the Black Sea is connected to the Mediterranean by the intervening Sea of Marmara. However, within the Mediterranean itself there are subdivisions also known as seas. These are:

  • the Strait of Gibraltar;
  • the Alboran Sea, between Spain and Morocco;
  • the Balearic Sea, between mainland Spain and its Balearic Islands;
  • the Ligurian Sea between Corsica and Liguria (Italy);
  • the Tyrrhenian Sea enclosed by Sardinia, Italian peninsula and Sicily;
  • the Ionian Sea between Italy, Albania and Greece;
  • the Adriatic Sea between Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Albania;
  • the Aegean Sea between Greece and Turkey.

Finally, the Suez Canal connects the Mediterranean with the Red Sea.

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Does Italy border the Mediterranean Sea?

Yes it does. A series of seas surround its coast, but they are all greater parts of the Mediterranean Sea.

What is the smallest sea?

The Sea of Marmara, connecting the Black and Mediterranean Seas, is probably the smallest 'sea' - it has an area of 11,350 km².

What are the four largest seas that sourounds Europe?

The Mediterranean Sea, the Barents Sea, the North Sea, and the Kara Sea are all large seas around Europe.

What two seas border Egypt?

The Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea!Egypt has coastlines on the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea.The Mediterranean Sea

Which seas border the area of Anatolia?

The area of Anatolia is a peninsula surrounded on three sides by three different seas. The region is bounded by the Aegean Sea to the west, the Mediterranean Sea to the south, and the Black Sea to the north.

What are the seas of the world?

Some of the seas on Earth are the Mediterranean Sea, Caribbean Sea, and the Bering Sea. Other seas include the South and East China Seas.

What sea is in the Barbary coast area?

This area referred to the North and West African coasts, the seas therefore are the Mediterranean and the Atlantic

What seas do Italy Spain and France all border?

The only sea that all three of these countries border is the MEDITERRANEAN SEA.

What seas border Italy?

The Mediterranean Sea,

What two seas dose the Suez canal connect?

The Mediterranean to the Red Sea

What are the names of some seas?

There are numerous seas on Earth. Some of those seas are the Mediterranean Sea, Caspian Sea, Caribbean Sea, Red Sea, Dead Sea, and North Sea.

How many seas is Italy surrounded by?

Italy is surrounded by two seas. It is the Mediterranean Sea and the Adriatic Sea.

Greece is bordered by what seas?

Ionian Sea, Mediterranean Sea, and Aegean Sea.

Which seas touch Greece?

Ionian Sea Aegean Sea Mediterranean Sea

Which sea is largest Baltic sea Caspian sea Mediterranean sea or Black sea?

The Mediterranean is approximately 2,501,000 square Kms, the Black Sea only 436,400 square Kms and the Caspian and Baltic Seas are each approximately 422,000 square Kms. Therefore the answer is that the Mediterranean is more than double the area of all the others put together.

What country was along the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea?

EGYPT touches both the Mediterranean and Red Seas.

What are All the seas surrounding Asia?

There are several seas that surround Asia, including the Black Sea. The Mediterranean Sea, Barents Sea, Norwegian Sea, Red Sea, Kara Sea, Caspian Sea, Arabian Sea, and Yellow Sea all surround Asia.

What tow seas are close to israeli?

Mediterranean Sea, Dead Sea.

What are two seas that border Europe?

The North Sea and the Mediterranean Sea.

Seas that are near the Nile River?

Mediterranean Sea and Red Sea.

What is the biggest sea in Spain?

There are no seas 'in' Spain but to the south is the Mediterranean Sea

What seas surround Egypt today?

mediterranean sea and the red sea

What are the two seas that border Egypt?

The Red Sea and the Mediterranean Sea.

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