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What are all the different breeds of cows?

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There are both beef and dairy breeds (over 900 breeds in the world):

- Holstein

- Hereford

- Brahman

- Red Sindhi

- Sahiwal

- Tharparkar

- Dajal

- Brown Swiss

- Angus

- Red Angus

- Ancient White Park

- American White Park

- Canadienne

- Dutch Belted

- Florida Cracker/Pineywoods

- Milking Shorthorn

- Red Poll

- Galloway

- Belted Galloway

- Guernsey

- Devon (aka Beef Devon or North Devon)

- Scottish Highland

- Kerry

- Randall (aka Randall Lineback)

- Jersey

- Guernsey

- Ayrshire

- Charolais

- Chianina

- Simmental (red, black and Fleckvieh)

- Limousin (traditional, red, and black)

- Shorthorn

- South Devon

- Pinzgauer

- Brangus

- Red Brangus

- Charbray

- Simbrah

- Santa Gertrudis

- Senepol

- Beefmaster

- Belgian Blue

- Belgian Red

- Piedmontese

- Welsh Black

- Dexter

- Texas Longhorn

- English Longhorn

- Hays Converter

- American

- Ranger

- Beefalo

- Maine Anjou

- Chiangus

- Salers

- Murray Grey

- Aubrac

- Corriente

- Gelbvieh

- Barzona

- Afrikaner

- Ankole

- Watusi

- Ankole-Watusi

- Wagyu

- Tarentiase

- Tuli

- Santa Cruz

- Romagnola

- Normande

- Nelore

- Zebu

- Marchigiana

- Indu-Brazilian

- Gyr (also spellled Gir)

- Droughtmaster

- Buelingo

- British White

- Braford

- Balancer

- Belmont Red

- Blonde d'Aquitaine

- Bonsmara

- Brahmousin

- Braunvieh

- Luing

- Milking Devon

- Nguni

- Club Calf

- Black Maximizer

- Beefmaker

- Speckle Park

- Barzona

- Santa Cruz

...and many many more can be found below.
There are over 900 breeds of cattle in the world, the following list is just a few.

  • Charolais
  • Hereford
  • Simmental
  • Red and Black Angus
  • Limousin
  • Shorthorn
  • Milking Shorthorn
  • Galloway
  • Belted Galloway
  • Highland
  • Texas Longhorn
  • Dexter
  • Holstein
  • Jersey
  • Canadienne
  • White Park
  • Guernsey
  • Red and White Holstein
  • Ayrshire
  • Beefalo
  • Beefmaster
  • Belgian Blue
  • Blonde d'Aquitane
  • Bonsmara
  • Braford
  • Brahman
  • Brahmousin
  • Brangus
  • Braunvieh
  • British White
  • Brown Swiss
  • Miniature Hereford
  • Chianina
  • Devon
  • American Devon
  • South Devon
  • Droughtmaster
  • Gelbvieh
  • Lowline
  • Maine-Anjou
  • Murray Grey
  • Pinzguar
  • Salers
  • Shetland
  • Wagyu
  • Zebu
  • Dutch Belted
  • Dutch Freisian
  • Holstein-Freisian
  • Hungarian Grey


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What are names of all the cows?

Hopefully mean breeds of all the cows. Here is a URL to a number of the breeds of cattle in the world. There are currently hundreds of breeds of cattle worldwide, though not all of them are have recognized breed associations. Some are purebred and others are hybrids of two or more different breeds.

How many different breeds of cows in Australia?


How tall are cows from the ground to the shoulder?

Can't answer. All breeds are different heights. Holsteins are HUGE, and Guernseys are small.

Why do cows have patches of black?

Not all cows do, only certain breeds. And it's all due to genetics.

What are the type of cowshed?

There are many kinds of cowsheds for all different kinds of cows. There are sheds for milking cows, for calves to drink milk, for pregnant cows, for quarantined cows, for multiple breeds to live together, for abandoned cows, for male cows, and much more.

Why are cows different colors?

There are different breeds of cows. Some are brown, some are black, some are white, and some are a mixture of black and white.

What kind of female cows have horns?

This is an ambiguous question because there are over 900 breeds of cattle in the world, and there are a few breeds where all cows (AND bulls) are horned, but all others have cows that are horned. There really is no "kind" or "type" of cow that has horns.

Why are cows brown?

Genetics. Some breeds of cattle are brown, others are a variety of other different colours. This is all a part of genetics.

What makes each species of cows different?

Cows are divided into BREEDS, not species. And what makes each BREED of cows different is colouration, body type and shape, presence of horns or not, and size of horns.

Are there only dairy and meat cows?

Some breeds are dairy cows, some are beef cows and some are dual-purpose breeds.

How many different types of breeds of cows are there?

There are reportedly over 900 breeds of cows in the world today. Five main types exist: * Dairy * Beef * Sport * Draft * Dual purpose

How many different brands of cows are there?

They're BREEDS, not brands. There are over 900 breeds of cattle in the world. But if you are talking about ranch brands, there are millions.

How many cows in a ton?

It is difficult to generalize or average out the weight of all cattle because different breeds have different averages of weights. Small cows, such as Dexter or Jersey can be as small as 270 kg which implies nearly 4 per ton. On the other hand, single animals of breeds such as Charolais or Belgian Blue can reach a ton.

Are all breeds of cats the same?

no. that's why they have different breeds...

What are five common breeds of cows in the UK?

Five common breeds of cows in the UK are Friesian ,Hereford ,Charolais ,Jersey and Guernsey

Do girl cows have horns?

Many breeds of cattle do have horned cows as well as bulls, though the horns of cows are usually smaller than those of bulls. There are also breeds that are 'polled', that is, do not have horns at all. many breeds that do have horns have them removed as calves to reduce injury to other livestock, farming equipment or the farmers themselves.

What animals can mate with different breeds?

Pretty much all animals can mate with different breeds.

Are there different breeds of jaguars?

"Breeds" is a term used to describe domestic animals such as cows and chickens, not wild animals. There is a single species of jaguar - Panthera onca.

What are all the Romanian breeds?

sheeps, cows, horses, goats, donkeys, buffalos, rabbits, birds

What are all the different types of dog breeds?

a lot.

Which country breeds the most cows?


How many breeds of cows are there?

There are over 800 to 900 breeds of cattle that exist in the world.

How many breeds of cows are there world wide?

There are over 900 breeds of cattle worldwide.

What do Icelandic cows eat?

They eat grass, just like other breeds of cows do.

Why two different breeds of roosters fight?

All breeds of roosters will fight.

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