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Q: What are all the mammals in the world?
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List of mammals in the whole wide world?

Go on google and type list of all the mammals in the world

Are giant anteaters mammals?

Yes and all mammals come from it's mother and have fur or hair are mammals. Also mammals have to be all warm blooded. (but only one bird in the whole world is a mammal)

Do mammals have a skeloten?

Yes, all mammals have a skeleton.Yes, all mammals have a skeleton.Yes, all mammals have a skeleton.Yes, all mammals have a skeleton.Yes, all mammals have a skeleton.Yes, all mammals have a skeleton.

Are mammals part of marine life?

yes, there are all kinds of mammals in the ocean and waters all around the world (dolphin, Whale, ect.)

Are all primates mammals and are all mammals primates?

All primates are mammals. Not all mammals are primates. Primates are a group of mammals.

Is there any mammal in the world that has no legs?

Yes, there are mammals that have no legs. However, all legless mammals are aquatic. Whales, dolphins, and porpoises have no legs.

Do Aquatic placental mammals inhibit all the oceans?

Yes, aquatic placental mammals inhabit all the world's oceans. Most of these are whales and seals.

How many mammals are there in the world?

There are over 5000 species of mammals in the world. There are about 5,700 to 6000 known species of mammals in the world.

Are all mammals human too?

All humans are mammals but not all mammals are human.

How many non mammals in the world are there?

I assume "non mammals" in your question means all animals that are not mammals. There are over one million species of animals in the world that are not mammals. We cannot give an exact number because we do not know how many undiscovered animals there are. Mammals make up less than one half of one percent of all animals. If you are asking, "How many individual animals are there on earth that are not mammals?" then no one can answer.

Is there any mammals in the world?

Yes! There are about 5,360 species of mammals in the world.

Do all mammals have a backbone?

Yes; all mammals have backbones because all mammals are vertebrates.