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These names are the names of chemical elements.


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From their latin names. Au, gold, is aurum.

Well the Periodic table is not an Alphabet chart that needs to inculde all the letters. Elements in the Periodic table get their names from Greek language and so do their symbols and IUPAC is incharge of that.

The periodic table is a useful tool because it contains names of elements in an organized way and in accordance with their properties. If a person wishes to find out about the characteristics of a specific element, all he or she has to do is look at its position on the periodic table.

Not all the elements in the periodic table are renewable.

A Periodic table The Periodic Table of the Elements.

They are all listed on the periodic table of the elements.

The periodic table families are called groups. There are 18 groups in periodic table.

The periodic table contain all chemical elements.

All known elements and sereval that are believed to be real, are found on the periodic table. Thus the name "periodic table of elements".

Hydrogen is in the periodic table because it is an element, and all elements are in the periodic table.

Because in the periodic table all chemical elements are organized in periods (rows) and groups (columns).

The periodic table contain all the chemical elements.

The periodic table include all the chemical elements.

All of the substances listed on the periodic table are elements.

All elements in the periodic table are pure elements.

helium is placed on the periodic table with all the otheres :)

All chemical elements are placed in the periodic table.

Gunpowder is not in the periodic table at all, because it is not a chemical element!

The most basic periodic table includes the names and symbols of all of the elements, and their atomic numbers and atomic weights. It also includes group numbers and period numbers.

All of them, the periodic table has all of the elements the human discovered or made..

"S" on the Periodic Table is the symbol for SulphurS stands for Sulfur in the Periodic Table. It is a pale yellow, odorless, brittle solid, which cannot be dissolved in water, but can be dissolved in disulphide. Sulphur is essential to all life.

The names can be found in any 'Periodic Table' or 'Periodic system' also available via WikiPedia. But be careful: NOT all of them are naturally occurring. link:

Periodic means repeating in some form. The periodic table of the elements are periodic because all the elements in the column have similar properties.

The most corrosive elements on the periodic table are all of the halogens.

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