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Breathe Carolina

Breathe Electric

The Ready Set


Jon Daniels

The Secret Handshake

Show Me The Skyline


There are a bunch of good bands that are close to Owl City!

On My-Space there is a band called "Swimming with Dolphins" that is super totally AMAZING... and there is also The Secret Handshake and Port Blue :]

^All the above TBH are only compared because they are electro. If you truly want to find similarities then you will have to look into Indie bands. "I Hate This Place" are an electro band however, who NO one knows for some reason.. check them out seriously, they have amazing similarities, something all of those examples up there Don't have

Port Blue is a project before Owl City where Adam Young creates soothing instrumentals.

Swimming With Dolphins is mainly by a guy called Austin Tofte but Adam Young helps to produce his material.

hello you guys are missing something here, WHAT ABOUT "HEYHIHELLO!" come on they sound very similar, oh and also "The Postal Service" although they sound great they dont have the same happy feeling as Owl City, but there still good especially the song "such great heights".

If you want more great music go to my website...

becum a member if u like its not just limited to my friends.

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What bands have lead singers with the name Adam?

Owl City his name is Adam Young

What bands are similar to nevershoutnever?

Stephen Jerzak nickasaur! the ready set a rocket to the moon owl city audio summer

What are some awesome screamo bands?

nevershoutnever, Lady GaGay, Esperanza Spaulding, Owl City

Why is Adam Young important?

He's in the bands Owl City. Swimming With Dolphins, and Sky Sailing.

What 90s bands sound like owl city?

Very few 90's bands sound like Owl City, if any, but his sound is often compared to The Postal Service. The Postal Service's first iTunes debut was in 2003. I hope this answer was satisfactory.

What bands should i listen to if i like the band passion pit?

MGMT, Empire Of The Sun, Owl City and Motion City Soundtrack should do the trick.

What band similar to The Postal Services?

death cab for cutie (im sure you know them) hellogoodbye vampire weekend white lies modest mouse mgmt owl city... sign up on then add the postal service on your station. theyll play similar bands.

What did bands accomplish?

If you mean bands like One Republic, Owl City, Linkin Park, etc... then the thing they accomplished is creating a great and unique piece of art that people love.

Bands like Owl City?

A ROCKET TO THE MOON (awesome band) the ready set, never shout never, racing kites

What are some good bands that are like owl city?

this is just my opinion but queen,the beatles,and blur and solo artists i think Justin beiber

What is Owl City U?

Owl City U is a campus where you can meet other Adam Young and Owl City fans

What genre is owl city?

Owl City is an Electronic/Pop artist.

Who signs the owl city fireflies?

Owl City sings Fireflies....

Is owl city country or rock?

Neither; Owl City is electropop.

Is owl city gay?

No, the singer for Owl City (Adam Young) is not gay.

What is the meter of fireflies by owl city?

'Fireflies' by Owl City is in quadruple meter.

What is a good outfit to wear to an owl city concert?

An Owl City shirt.

Who is the main singer in the band owl city?

Adam Young is the lead singer. But, Owl City is not a band. Owl City is a solo project of Adam's.

Does owl city have an email address?

Owl City does not have an official email address, but can be reached via the contact page of the Owl City Music website.

What is the official address for Owl City?

Owl City has no official mailing address or email. To contact Owl City for business purposes, write to Universal Records or use the contact page on the Owl City Music website.

What is owl city galaxy on the owl city official website?

Owl City Galaxy is a social add-on site from It's for Owl City fans who want to meet each other using a profile, messaging, and so on.

Is owl city a real place?

while there is a place called Owl City in Tennesee is has no relation to the musical artist Owl City. it is rumored that the name Owl City for the musical artist was inspired by the artist's hometown of Owatonna, Minnesota.

Is owl city the best band?

owl city is not a band it is just one guy called adam young but he sings under the name of owl city

What is the song panda bear about by owl city?

The song "Panda Bear" is a song by Owl City. I don't think it's really about Owl City though.

Does owl city go hunting or fishing?

no, Adam young of owl city is a vegitarian.

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