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Owl City is the name of a band that formed in early 2007 consisting of one member, Adam Young.

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Owl City

What are owl city fans called?

Extreme fans call themselves Hoot Owls, but most fans are called Owl Citizens.

Owl City

Who is Adam Young's role model?

Adam has never referred to anyone specifically as a 'role model', but he has said his favorite artist is Enya. He also talks a lot about God (obviously), his father (Randal Young), John Piper (his pastor), Blink 182, Armin Van Buuren and ATB. I hope this helps!

Owl City

Is owl city a girls band?

no, its for both genders, its a christian band actually.

Owl City

Where can you find an Ocean Eyes karaoke download?

Ocean Eyes is not available for karaoke download. However, there is a Fireflies karaoke remix on iTunes.

Owl City

What instrument does adam young play?

He plays the piano, keyboard, guitar, and drums.

Owl City

Who is the girl in some Owl City songs?

The inside of the Ocean Eyes CD booklet says:

Vocals on The Tip of the Iceberg & Meteor Shower by Melisa Morgan

Vocals on Meteor Shower by Jolie Lindholm

Vocals on The Saltwater Room & On the Wing by Breanne Duren

The Maybe I'm Dreaming CD booklet says "Additional vocals by Breanne Duren and Austin Tofte".

Breanne Duren is probably the girl you mean, because she is part of Owl City's live band. She plays the keyboard and does background vocals. Breanne Duren also has some of her own music on iTunes, if you'd like to check it out.

Owl City

What are some facts about owl city?

There many different facts about Owl City, but some of the more interesting are these:

1. Owl City is just one person. His name is Adam Randal Young.

2. He was born on July 5, 1986.

3. He's a Christian.

4. He lives in Owatonna, Minnesota.

5. He has insomnia (Trouble sleeping).

6. He records all his music in his basement.

7. His first jobs were at Hy-Vee grocery store, a Coca-Cola factory and UPS.

8. Owl City has four albums and one EP: Of June EP (2007), Maybe I'm Dreaming (2008), Ocean Eyes (2009), All Things Bright and Beautiful (2011), and The Midsummer Station (2012).

9. His song Fireflies topped the charts in over 20 countries and has sold more than 4 million times.

10. Owl City is often credited for the revival of synth-pop.

11. Owl City is one of more than 40 projects Adam Young has been involved in.

For more information, search 'Adam Young' or 'Owl City' on Wikipedia.

  • Adam Suffers from insomnia (meaning he finds it hard to sleep) So to make his nights worthwhile, he decided to start up a music project in his parents basement.
  • He says he got a lot of inspiration form working in the coca cola factory. Doing continuous work made his 'imagination run free'
  • Adam is christian and follows God.
  • He writes about beaches yet he had never actually been to one until his first tour.
  • He writes and records ALL of his songs in his parents basement.
  • he has a cat named Leona and a dog named Max
  • every song he has worked on has been in a desk chair he got at a garage sale

For more information, search 'Adam Young' or 'Owl City' on Wikipedia!

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Owl City

How tall is Adam young?

Adam Young from Owl City is 6'2".

Owl City

Did Adam young die?

No, Adam Young (Owl City) is very alive and well. Although, he has been to the hospital for kidney stones.

Owl City

What are the notes for fireflies by owl city?

For free sheet music, go to the OnlineSheetMusic website. At the top of the page is a search box. Type the title (or artist name) and download the sheet music. If for any reason this fails, try Sheetzbox or googling 'free Fireflies sheet music'.

Owl City

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Owl City

Is Owl city the band who sings Fireflies?


Owl City

Is fireflies by owl city a love song?

No. Many of his songs are love songs, such as Vanilla Twilight, but Fireflies is thought to be about remembering your childhood, and the difficulty of moving on. In the song, Adam Young (Owl City) talks about being insomnia-ridden, perhaps as a result of this situation.

Owl City

What is the meaning of the owl city shirt?

If you mean the "I AM" shirt, there are many different theories. 1. It represents the song Hello Seattle. (Hello Seattle, I am...) 2. It stands for 'I am ME.' 3. It is a reference to the biblical book of Exodus. "I AM the Lord thy God", "They shall call me I AM". 4. You decide.

Owl City

Did Adam Young's girlfriend die?

No, she did not. Those are just rumors. Adam has said in an interview that the girl that his "cozy" songs are about was his girlfriend (Ann Marie) who moved away and went to college in California.

Owl City

Is Adam Young blind?

No he does wear glasses when he is working on his laptop or on the computer.

Owl City

Who is Adam Young's wife?

He isn't married, but he had a girlfriend named Ann Marie. She broke up with him and moved to California some time in 2010. His songs Vanilla Twilight, Lonely Lullaby and The Saltwater Room were dedicated to her.

Owl City
Wedding Engagements

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Engagement is not actually a legally binding agreement and as such it's fine to get engaged at the age of 16.

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Hopefully the love for your boyfriend/girlfriend will remain and you will only feel more sure of each other after staying together for a few years. If it is meant to be, waiting will make no difference :)

Owl City

What is meteor shower by owl city about?

God. Adam is christian.

The lyrics make a whole bunch more sense that way too.

"I can finally see that you're right there beside me"

God was always there, it just takes a while to see Him sometimes.

Owl City

Are there metaphors in fireflies by Owl City?

The song itself can be interpreted as one metaphor, but an example of an individual metaphor is "Because my dreams are bursting at the seams."

Owl City

Where does adam young exactly live?

Minnesota Owatonna

Owl City

Is hello Seattle by owl city in a movie?

No. It is not. But "To The Sky" is in Legend Of The Guardians The Owls Of Gahoole

Owl City

What kind of music does owl city play?

dreamy electronic pop

Owl City

Does Adam Young of Owl City play an instrument?

Yes, he plays piano, guitar, drums and bass guitar. Guitar was the first instrument he learned.

Owl City

Who is ann Marie monson?

Ann Marie Monson Is Adam Young's(Owl City) Ex-Friend . He Mentions Her In The Song Lonley Lullaby .


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