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Both C and C++ allow integer members to be stored into memory spaces smaller than the compiler would ordinarily allow. These space-saving structure members are called bit fields, and their width in bits can be explicitly declared. Gagandeep Singh Bitfields can only be declared inside a structure or a union, and allow you to specify some very small objects of a given number of bits in length. struct { /* field 4 bits wide */ unsigned field1 :4; /* * unnamed 3 bit field * unnamed fields allow for padding */ unsigned :3; /* * one-bit field * can only be 0 or -1 in two's complement! */ signed field2 :1; /* align next field on a storage unit */ unsigned :0; unsigned field3 :6; }full_of_fields; The main use of bitfields is either to allow tight packing of data or to be able to specify the fields within some externally produced data files.

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Can you enter data in design view in ms access?

No. Design view is for creating the table and manipulating the fields and the structure of the fields and the table. It is not for entering data. To do that you can go to datasheet view or use a form.

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Vestigial StructureA vestigial structure is a structure that appears to no longer have a use in the body.

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What is the use of bit field in structure declaration?

A bit field allows you to assign an arbitrary number of bits to a member. As an example, suppose we wish to implement an R6000 PPN (physical page number). A PPN is a 32-bit value divided up as follows: page frame number (22 bits) unused (3 bits) cache coherency algorithm (3 bits) nonreachable (1 bit) dirty (1 bit) valid (1 bit) global (1 bit) While we could use bitwise logic to determine the state of each bit or group of bits within a 32-bit value, it's always good programming practice to express ideas directly in code. Therefore we want a structure that is exactly 32-bits in length with members that exactly match those of the PPN itself. To achieve this we need to use bit fields: // // All example code based upon Chapter 25.5.5 "Bitfields" of // "Programming -- Principles and Practice Using C++" by Bjarne Stroustrup // struct PPN { // R6000 Physical Page Number unsigned int PFN : 22; // Page Frame Number int : 3; // unused unsigned int CCA : 3; // Cache Coherency Algorithm bool nonreachable : 1; bool dirty : 1; bool valid : 1; bool global : 1; }; Any consumer of this structure need be left in little doubt regarding its purpose. Moreover, the implementer's job is greatly simplified: void part_of_VM_system (PPN& ppn) { if (ppn.dirty) { // contents changed // copy to disc ppn.dirty = 0 ; } } We can also see how much simpler it is to extract information from a structure's bit fields compared to that of a 32-bit value: int get_CCA (const PPN& ppn) { return (int) ppn.CCA; } int get_CCA (unsigned int ppn) { return (int) (ppn>>3)&0x7; }

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What is difference between Near structure and far structure?

We haven't used near and far addressing for well over a decade. It was common in older systems where memory was addressed by segment and offset. For instance, on a 32-bit system we might use 16-bits to address the segment and 16-bits to address the offset within that segment. If we were referring to an offset within the current segment then we'd use a 16-bit near pointer, but if we needed to refer to another segment then we'd use a 32-bit far pointer. Today we use a normalised pointers.

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What is a homologous structure?

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What drill bit you use for a 0.875 hole?

You use a 0.875 bit or a 7/8 bit . They are the same size.

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A structure that has no use in the organism in which it is found is called what?

A vestigial structure is one that has no use in the organism in which it is found.

Doesn't oiling a hot drill bit change the molecular structure making it brittle and requiring oiling each use thereafter?

In most cases I wouldn't think the bit would get hot enough to change the temper or heat treat of it. When drilling you should always use some kind of cutting oil to aide in the removal of chips and to keep the bit cool.

What is the difference between bit code and byte code?

Byte code typically uses fixed-width 8-bit groupings (bytes), whereas bit code can use any combination of fixed-length and variable-length groupings. Data is typically read 1 bit at a time, such that the initial bits determine the structure of the stream of bits that follow.

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