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all prokaryotic cells and some eukaryotic like human blood cells lack nucleus

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What organelles do eukayote cells have that prokaryote cells dont?

Prokaryotes do not have an organized nucleus, eukaryotes have nucleus

Do all living organisms have a nucleus?

no ,., all of them dont Prokaryotic cells dont have a well defined nucleus

What are cells that dont have a nucleus called?


Do plant cells have a wall and a nucleus?

I dont no

Cells that dont have a nucleus?

virus??? Prokariotic cells, as bacteria, etc.

What is a eukaryotic organism?

There are too types. Prokaryotes and Eukaryotes. Prokaryotic cells dont have a nucleus but have DNA. Eukaryotic cells have a nucleus enclosed by a membrane. The nucleus hold the cells DNA.

What structures are common to both plant and animal cells?

cell membrane not a nucleus plant cells dont have a nucleus dahhhhh

What do eukaryotic cells have that prokaryotic cells dont have?

Eukaryotic cells have a nucleus while prokaryotic cells don't.

Can cell remain alive without a nucleus?

red blood cells dont have a nucleus.

Does a animal cell contain a nucleus?

All cells contain a nucleus, including animal cells. It does not depend what type of animal it is.Answer:animal cells do contain a nucleus but not ALL cells have a nucleus. Cells in the monera kingdom dont have one. cells in the protist kingdom do.Is the brain of the cell!

What do eukaryotic cells have that prokayotic cells dont have?

A nucleus.

Plant and animal cells have this but bacteria dont?

A nucleus and organelles.

What organisms have eukaryotic?

Prokaryotic cells dont have a nucleus but have DNA.

Cells whose DNA is held in a nucleus are what?

I dont know

Are eucaryotic cells also bacteria?

No, eukaryotic cells imply that the cells have a "true nucleus" bacterial cells (prokaryotic) dont have a true nucleus and contain their DNA in supercoils inside the cytoplasm

What are cells called when they dont have a nucleus?

Prokaryote. Means; " before the kernel. " Which is literal Greek for before the nucleus.

Why do plant cells die if they don't have a nucleus?

Plant cells die if they dont have a nucleus because the nucleus is like the brain of the cell. If it doesn't have a nucleus the cell cannot work properly. Such as producing for or releasing waste or reproducing.

How do bacterial cells differ from other types of cells?

most bacteria dont have a nucleus, unlike others.

Does an animal cell have a nucleus?

Yes, all animal cells (except for mature mammalian red blood cells) contain a nucleus.Mammalian red blood cells have a nucleus initially, but do not have one once mature.yesyea ONLY animal cells have nucleus. plant cells are the kind that dont. learned that in fifth grade.

What do you call cells that dont have a nucleus?

Cells that do not have a nucleus are called prokaryotic cells. These cells are mainly bacteria and do not contain organelles which makes a living cell living. Prokaryotic cells have few internal functions and are significantly different from eukaryotic cells, which are living cells.

What is another name for cells that dont have a nucleus?

Another name would be a prokaryote.

What is the main difference between a cell nucleus and a nucleoid?

they dont have the same cells

Do yeast cells have a nucleus?

I dont know actually.....sorry. Rofl,lol.lmao

How is DNA replication in eukaryotic cells and prokaryotic cells different?

prokaryotic cells dont have a nucleus, so they have different forms of replication

Why don't plants have a nucleus?

nucleus are for cells. plants themselves dont have a nucleus, but the cells that make them up do. a plant doesnt need a nucleus. tecnicly speeking, you cant prove a negative, so its hard to answer your question. if you had a hypothisis of why a plant should have a nucleus, that would be good to put up as a question, but its tough to answer your question as is. Plants have multiple cells, and the cells have nuclei. (Nuclei is plural for nucleus).

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