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kick in the nut the pee on them

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Q: What are christopher Daniels finishers?
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What is Christopher Daniels known for?

Christopher Daniels is known for being a professional wrestler. His full name is Daniel Christopher Covell but he is known as Christopher Daniels. He is from the United States.

What is Christopher Daniels's birthday?

Christopher Daniels was born on December 24, 1971.

When was Christopher Daniels born?

Christopher Daniels was born on December 24, 1971.

What are Christopher danielses finishers?

Angels wings (double arm facebuster) and B.M.E (moonsault)

How old is Christopher Daniels?

Christopher Daniels is 47 years old (birthdate: March 24, 1970).*Daniels himself gave this date, so it is authoritative, despite 1971 on his website.

Is Christopher Daniels curry man?


What is the birth name of Cooper Daniels?

Cooper Daniels's birth name is Christopher Peter Cooper.

Is the fallen angel christopher Daniels suicide?

no its kaz

Is petey Williams suicide?

no kaz and christopher Daniels is

Is Christopher Daniels coming to WWE?

no he is still apart of tna

Who has aj styles named one of his children after?

christopher Daniels

Who won the altimate x match at destination x?

Suicide AKA Christopher Daniels.