What are chronic adaptations to aerobic exerc ise?

Muscular · Muscle mass increases · Stores of ATP and PC return faster. · No. of and size of Mitochondria. · Glycogen sparing. · Triglyceride stores increase. · Slow twitch fibres may grow slightly. Cardiovascular · Left Ventricle grows bigger · Stroke volume increases · Resting heart rate decreases · Cardiac output will increase at max effort. · More red blood cells in blood · More haemoglobin · More capillaries on heart and skeletal muscles · Veins/arteries dilate in size. · Capillarisation around heart · Arteriovenous oxygen difference increases. · Increase in O2 diffusing into lungs Respiratory · Tidal volume increases · Respiratory rate decreases at rest · Minute ventilation increases for max efforts · Require less oxygen at sub-maximal efforts.