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What are civilizations?

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Civilization is a group of societies (e.g.: countries, villages, cities) that share the same territory, language, culture, architecture, religion, etc.

For example, the USA is a society. USA, other countries of the American continent (like Canada, Mexico and Brazil) and Europe form the occidental civilization.

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How do You Spell Civilizations?


What was the name of the Mexico civilizations?

Aztec and Maya civilizations.

What civilizations used the silk road?

chinese civilizations

What are the civilizations in Mesopotamia?

there are no civilizations in Mesopotamia it 's already a civilization!!!

How did farming help civilizations?

It helped civilizations by giving them food.

What are some civilizations of India?

civilizations of india are ways they do something

How were early African civilizations similar or different to river valley civilizations?

Some African civilizations were river valley civilizations, such as Egypt and Nubia(because they were located along the nile river).

Why do you like the Egyptian Civilizations the most?

Among all the Ancient Civilizations you have treated in this course, which of the Ancient Civilizations do yo like most, Why

What are the similarities between classical civilizations?

What are the similarities between classical civilizations?

How many alien civilizations are there in the universe?

There are no known alien civilizations in our universe.

What two civilizations combined to form the greek civilizations?

Sparta and Athens

What is the definition of the clash of civilizations?

Different civilizations have different ideals, beliefs, and attitudes, which may not be compatible with those of other civilizations, so when two civilizations encounter each other in some manner (immigration, war, the internet, etc.) there can be a conflict that results. We can call it a clash of civilizations.

Why do you have civilizations?

Civilizations were forming to make life easier and less complicated for living.

What are the three early civilizations?

The 3 early civilizations are the Mayans, Incans, and the Aztec.

What characteristic nod classical civilizations was NOT inherited from river valley civilizations?


When was Museum of Anatolian Civilizations created?

Museum of Anatolian Civilizations was created in 1921.

What are the similarities Minoan and Greek civilizations?

What are the similarites between the Minoan and Greek civilizations

Which of these civilizations laid the cultural foundation for later civilizations in the Andes region?


What civilizations contributed to the development of science and technology?

Most ancient civilizations have contributed to the development of science & technology.Chinese,Indian,Egyptian civilizations have contributed largely.

What were some differences between early river-valley civilizations and classical civilizations?

river vlley civilizations were suckish and classical had alexander the great

Why were early ancient civilizations called river valley civilizations?

Ruins of early civilizations were most commonly found in valleys formed by the flow of dried out rivers.

What was the importance of river valley civilizations?

they were the first civilizations established in th fertile crescent between the tigris and euphrates rivers and are believed to be the oldest civilizations discovered

What impact did Justinians Code of Law have on later civilizations?

His idea impacted on later civilizations

Where did early civilizations begin?

the early civilizations began in Africa but most exact in Zambia

How were the norte chico and chavin civilizations similar?

both civilizations built stone temples