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Definitions of Colonies:1. A group of emigrants or their descendants who settle in a distant territory but remain subject to or closely associated with the parent country.

2. A territory thus settled. 2. A region politically controlled by a distant country; a dependency.

3. a. A group of people with the same interests or ethnic origin concentrated in a particular area: the American colony in Paris. b. The area occupied by such a group.

4. The British colonies that became the original 13 states of the United States.

5. A group of people who have been institutionalized in a relatively remote area: an island penal colony.

6. Ecology. A group of the same kind of animals, plants, or one-celled organisms living or growing together.

7. Microbiology. A visible growth of microorganisms, usually in a solid or semisolid nutrient medium.

The Original 13 U.S. Colonies:The history of the original 13 colonies is a tangled tale indeed. There are many ways to view the events and, in hind sight, it is easy to think you understand. The Thirteen Colonies were British colonies in North America founded between 1607, with the settlement of Virginia, and 1732, with the settlement of Georgia. Although Britain held additional colonies in North America and the West Indies, the colonies referred to as the "thirteen" are those that rebelled against British rule in 1775, and formally proclaimed their independence as the United States of America on July 4, 1776.
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Types of colonies?

There were the Royal colonies ,Proprietary colonies , & the Charter colonies.

The 13 colonies are colonies of what country?

They were British colonies.colonies of America

Are the middle colonies proprietary colonies?

Yes, the middle colonies are proprietary colonies.

What are the Three regions of colonies?

The Northern Colonies, The Middle Colonies, The Southern Colonies

What types of colonies were the thirteen original colonies?

There was the New England Colonies middle colonies and the Southern Colonies Hope this helps:)

How was life in the colonies shaped by where people lived?

The colonies were separated into the New England Colonies, the Middle Colonies, and the Southern Colonies.

What are three types of colonies?

Middle Colonies New England Colonies Southern Colonies

Were the middle colonies royal colonies?

Yes - All of the middle colonies were royal colonies.

What are the colonies in Brazil?

Brazil does not have colonies, Portugal has colonies

Which colonies were known as the Breadbasket Colonies?

middle colonies

How did the south colonies make money?

This depends on which country's colonies you are referring to. There have been hundreds all over the globe, especially those of the British Empire, the largest empire in the world.Examples of some colonies:Australian coloniesNew Zealand coloniesCanadian coloniesColonial American coloniesGambian coloniesJamaican coloniesCyprus coloniesMalayan coloniesNigerian coloniesWest Indies colonies (British)West Indies colonies (French)West Africa coloniesAfrican Colonies (British)African Colonies (French)Indian coloniesIf the colony you are referring to is not in the list above, re-ask the question with the missing information.

What were the three parts of the 13 Colonies?

They are: The southern colonies, the Middle colonies, and the New England colonies.

What colonies competed for colonization in America?

The New England colonies, the Middle colonies and the Southern colonies.

How many colonies were in the southern colonies?

7 colonies of the 13 colonies were southern

What is the different New England colonies?

New England Colonies, Middle Colonies, and Southern Colonies

3 regions of the 13 colonies?

They include: New England Colonies, Middle Colonies and Southern Colonies. The 13 Colonies were the British Colonies on the Atlantic coast of North America

How were the 13 colonies grouped?

The thirteen colonies were grouped into three separate areas. There was the New England colonies, the middle colonies, and the southern colonies.

What colonies were self governing colonies?

All thirteen colonies

What group of colonies that were nicknamed the breadbasket colonies?

The middle colonies

Where the new England colonies in the middle colonies and southern colonies?

no -_-

Why are the 13 colonies called colonies?

Because they were colonies, not states.

How are middle colonies and southern colonies are alike?

both colonies

What colonies were known as the bread basket colonies?

middle colonies

Why were the middle colonies called the white colonies?

the middle colonies were called the white colonies because they were white

What different types of colonies were developed in the New World?

Proprietary colonies, royal colonies, and charter colonies.