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What are computer problems?


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Computer problems are anything that causes a computer not to function in the desired manner.


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It gives problems when there a virus on your computer/laptop

Computer do not have memory problems.Computer can such problems only when:Infected with virus.Improperly connected driveUser do not know how to save files.power faliure

Most computer problems are simple and easy to solve

what are some problems conected with computer investigations

a computer technician is a person who maintains and fixes computersA computer technician is someone who can fix problems with computers.This can be internal problems (internet connections) or external problems (wires with printers).

computer is a devicewhich is useed to solv the problems and makes work easy computer is a devicewhich is useed to solv the problems and makes work easy computer is a devicewhich is useed to solv the problems and makes work easy

well some problems computers have had were the premo scepto which is when a computer blows out its control panel inside of the computer , also there is a vinched topee which is when the computer explodes

There are many Online Computer Support Services available today to get Help on Computer Problems. You can search or google for few Techsupport providers such as Techmartial, iyogi, 247techies and more. They access your computer remotely and resolve your pc problems online.

The most common computer problems may include,malicious software, dead battery, slow computer, network connectivity problems,hard drive failure,and missing DVD / CD drive.

There are several sites that provide solutions to troubleshoot computer problems. Cnet, Pcsupport and Worldstart are good places to present your problems and get tips and answers.

Action center give you the history of Problems that you reported to Microsoft.the history report of computer problems that were not submitted to Microsoft are not available.

How is control flow used to solve problems using computer programming

by getting lots of problems in your computer such as virus, freezing of your computer etc..

Three of the most common computer problems are usually caused by viruses. These include internet being slow, computer shutting down and tracking viruses.

Information on troubleshooting computer problems can be found from many different websites. Some examples of websites with this information include PCSupport and Computer Hope.

I love my HP...Haven't had any problems apple no problems!

I am not all to sure myself. I just know a couple things. If your Computer is old and www.Facebook is giving you problems, then use m.Facebook! My computer has problems with www.Facebook but has NO problems with m.Facebook. M.Facebook is simpler and MUCH faster! If you have an older computer try m.Facebook, and your problems will likely go away. I highly recommend m.Facebook - especially if your computer is older. M may stand for Mobile but It also stands for Magic solution to computer website problems. m.Myspace works on my Computer but www.Myspace does NOT work at all! I have problems with www.Twitter but m.Twitter works great and is much faster! If you are having problems with site that start in WWW try starting with M!

Computer technicians are people who fix computer problems for people who don't know how. That is why we need them.

Hardware problems usually mean that the computer itself is having difficulties, such as physical damage to the devices within your desktop. Software problems are usually errors caused by malfunctions with programs that run on the computer and not the computer itself, such as a bug in programming or heavily fragmented files.

Remote computer support is support for computer problems from a remote location. Typically you receive remote computer support over the phone or through your computer for help with fixing problems associated with your computer.

Charles W. Leming has written: 'Computer problems for modern physics' -- subject(s): Computer programs, Computer-assisted instruction, Graphic methods, Physics 'Computer Problems for Classical Dynamics'

There are many places one can hire help to help fix their computer problems. One looking to hire help to fix their computer problems can do so at popular on the web sources such as Support Nerds and Mountain Geek.

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