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What are croissants made from?

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Croissants are a verry delicious bread rolles croissants are a verry delicious bread rolles
It is from France madame(Ms.)


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Do croissants have milk in?

Croissants have milk because they have butter and its made out of milk.

What are croissants made with?

puff pastry

Which language made croissants?

The French

What food group do croissants belong to?

They are made of carbohydrates and fat.

Did they have newsies or town criers in the Tudor era?

Yes, but the croissant took over and added buttery croissants, juicy croissants, burned croissants, nuclear croissants, atomic croissants

Can you use bread dough to make croissants?

No. Croissants are made with a puff pastry dough. You can make butterhorn rolls with bread dough, but they are not the same thing.

Are croissants Italian or french?

Croissants are French.

Are there eggs in croissants?

Yes their are 3 eggs in a croissants

Why are croissants called croissants?

Because croissant means crescent, and that is their shape.

Croissant - how is it made?

Check the following link:

Where do they make Croissants in France?

Croissants are usually baked in most bakeries in France.

How do you say croissants in welsh?

"cynyddu" is the word "croissants" in welsh. Hope I helped =^_^=

What did france invent?

cheese, croissants, crepe, they drew the mona lisa and made elfin tower

What do french people eat croissants with?

French people usually eat croissants with butter.

What is French for croissants?

in French: un croissant, des croissants. That's a French word.

What is the french word for croissants?

Croissant is a French word. As a shape, it is translated 'crescent' in English.

Can dogs eat croissants?

Yes dogs can eat croissants, but i wouldn't recommend feeding them croissants regularly, on occasions as a treat would be fine but dog food or treats are better.

Which Province in France does Croissants originate from?

Croissants are not originally from France - they are supposed to come from Vienna, Austria. this is why croissants, pains au chocolat and other rolls made from flaky bread dough are collectively called viennoiseries in French. The croissant, according to legend, was created in the form of a crescent to commemorate the defeat of the Turks in the 17th century.

What are the release dates for How It's Made - 2001 U Locks Teepees Croissants Rolling Luggage 20-6?

How It's Made - 2001 U Locks Teepees Croissants Rolling Luggage 20-6 was released on: USA: 6 December 2012

How much do croissants cost in France?

Depending on the quality you want, croissants can range from €1.50 for a bag of six mini croissants from the supermarket, or up to €4 with butter/jam from a nice breakfast café.

Who invented croissants?

me gullible

What country are croissants from?


What is originated in France?


How do I spell crossants?


Where to find small croissants in Pittsburgh area?

Jean-Marc Chatellier's French Bakery sells mini croissants by order.