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Shake flasks, such as the Erlenmeyer flask, are designed to prevent splashing. They promote oxygen transfer and prevent vibration, allowing for successful fermentation.

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What is shake flask fermentation?

Shake Flask fermentation is a cheapest ans simplest technique to grow bacteria or fungi, aerobically, in small volumes of nutrient broth. The broth is poured into erlenmeyer flasks equipped with cotton-wool stoppers, and autoclaved. After cooling, some microbes are "seeded" into the flask, and it is placed on a Shaker machine. The shaking agitates the content and so ensures aeration, so that the microbes could breathe.

What is the working volume in a 500ml shake flask?

500 ml

What solution to rinse volumetric flask with?

Rinse the volumetric flask twice with the solution that you about to fill it with, stopper the opening and shake the flask so that all surface area inside the flask will be covered. This is so that the solution will not be diluted or contaminated when poured into the flask.

Why the titration flask need to be shake during titration?

so that the solutions mix properly

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How did Louis Pasteur disprove the spontaneous generation theory?

Louis broiled broth for 15 min. He then let it sit for one year in a swan neck flask. He noticed that some dust had accumulated in the top part of the flask. So he took a sample, form the broth inside the flask. He noticed that nothing was inside of growing in it. So he then preceded to shake the broth in the flask in such a way, that it would touch the dust at the top. He then took a sample from that and it was highly bacteria ridden.

What happens when you mix red phosphorus Iodine crystals and ephedrine?

You get meth in about 40 minutes. Throw it all on one flask and let it sit for a while shake the flask it if starts to bubble up too much. Then when it calms down heat it to about 180f until it doesnt look like anything else is happening.

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How do you clean a volumetric flask?

Acid washing it should do. I assume you are in a which case a 1:1 Hydrochloric Acid solution can be poured into the flask. DON'T FORGET TO PUT GOGGLES AND GLOVES ON. Put the lid on. Shake the flask and turn it to ensure all surfaces of the glass inside are being washed with the acid. Then, give it a good triple rinse with de-ionized water. If you are just at home, pour in some white vinegar and let it sit for a while. That should break up anything that's inside.

What is the difference between primary and secondary screening of microorganisms?

primary screening is a solid agar plate assay method and is a qualitative method after which secondary screening is done,in which the microbes are screened in a liquid shake flask condition and assessed quantitatively.

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