What are electronic Control devices?

One type of electronic control device is a hand held immobilizing
device … that is used by police departments to control
uncooperative or dangerous subjects. It is operated by propelling
two darts at a hostile subject. When the two darts … strike the
subject, so long as both [hooked barbs] remain in contact with the
subject's body and/or clothing, the officer can send an electrical
charge through the wires. The officer can continue to send charges
through the subject by depressing a button…. The current generated
by the [electronic control device] causes involuntary muscular
contractions in the subject, which in turn usually causes the subject
to lose muscular control for a short period of time and to fall to the
ground. Because the … subject loses muscular control, an officer
can establish control over an uncooperative or dangerous subject
without the need to resort to mace, batons, or personal combat