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What are energy efficient light bulbs?

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From most energy efficient to least energy efficient:

LED bulbs (relativly new)

Fluorescent bulbs (normal "energy savings" bulbs)

Halogen (used for high intensity lighting)

Incandescent bulbs (regular bulbs)

Energy efficient light bulbs are bulbs that convert a higher percentage of electical power into light. All bulbs also create waste heat, where energy is radiated as infrared. The less efficient bulbs tend to be "hotter" because of the amount of power "wasted" this way.

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How do energy efficient light bulbs work?

energy efficient light bulbs work by trapping excess heat to make more light

Are energy saving light bulbs really efficient?

Energy saving light bulbs are more efficient than tungsten filament bulbs by a factor of 4 or 5 times.

What is the name of the energy efficient light bulbs?

They are called CFL bulbs.

Does a light dimmer work with the new energy efficient light bulbs?

If you are looking to use the new energy efficient light bulbs on a light dimmer you will need to buy specially made dimmable CFLs. Not all energy efficient light bulbs are compatible with dimmers so be sure to check the packaging for information.

Why is it better to use energy efficient light bulbs?

Energy efficient light bulb saves half of energy consumed by a regular bulb, although it has a lower range light compare to the high energy consumer bulbs.

Is compact fluorescent light the best energy saving bulb?

No, the most energy efficient bulbs are LED (Light Emitting Diode) light bulbs.

Which Lighting will be the most energy efficient?

Compact fluorescent light bulbs are pretty energy efficient and are energy star rated.

Does energy efficient light bulbs produce less amount of heat than non-energy efficient light bulbs?

Yes, non energy efficient bulbs like the incandescents waste around 90% of there energy in the form of heat. LEDs and CFLs don't even come close.

How much does energy efficent light bulbs cost per hour?

There is actually no energy efficient light bulbs in a way to interpret in physical determination. Energy efficient means less Watts required per hour compared to non energy efficient.

How many times do you need to replace energy efficient fluorescent light bulbs?

comparing to the traditional light bulbs energy efficient fluorescent light bulbs uses 25% to 75% energy and saves money also and it lasts up to 3 to 25 times long so there is no need to replace energy efficient fluorescent light bulbs often.

Which types of bulbs are regarded as energy efficient light bulbs?

Energy efficient light bulbs can be easily recognized, as they are each given an "ENERGY STAR" label. They can be purchased at a wide variety of retail locations, including Walmart, Target, Home Depot, or Lowe's.

What are some energy effcient products?

fluorescent light bulbs are much more efficient than incandescent light bulbs

Are energy efficient light bulbs cheap?

no not at all very expensive

Where can a person buy energy efficient light bulbs?

There are many places a person can buy energy efficient light bulbs. Some of the best places to buy these bulbs would be Home Hardware, Canadian Tire, Home Depot and Walmart.

Why are fluorescent light bulbs more energy efficient then halogen lamps?

they are more energy efficient cause they have less electricity

Are light bulbs really efficient?

Normal incandescent bulbs produce a lot of heat as well as light, so are not so efficient as low energy bulbs which can give the same light but consume much less electricity

What advantages do LEDS have over light bulbs?

LED light bulbs are energy efficient, environment friendly, and provide huge electricity savings.

Why do people say that ordinary light bulbs aren't energy saving?

No light bulbs actually save energy, they use it to produce light. However energy efficient bulbs use less energy than the ordinary incandescent type. To my mind describing them as energy saving is wrong, they should be described as "lower energy" bulbs.

What does light bulbs do to the environment?

old fashioned light bulbs did nothing to the environment but the new energy efficient bulbs contain mercury which is bad for anything that comes in contact with it.

Do small watt bulbs save a lot of electricity?

Not always. They can, but using energy-efficient light bulbs is the best guarentee to be able to save energy, and still have plenty of energy and light produced.

What are some of the most energy efficient light bulbs?

Some of the most well known and highly rated energy efficient light bulbs are made by NanoLight, EcoSmart, Philips, and Chevron. These can be found at any local Home Depot.

Where can one purchase energy efficient incandescent light bulbs?

Energy efficient incandescent light bulbs can be purchased from most lighting stores and major supermarkets. They can also be purchased online at places like Home Depot, Amazon and Earth Easy.

Are traditional light bulbs wasteful?

Yes. Conventional (filement based) light bulbs are very inefficient converters of electrical energy to light - around 2% efficiency. So compared with "low energy" bulbs, which are around 8% efficient, they are wasteful.

Why are LED bulbs considered to be better at saving energy than compact fluorescent ones?

LED bulbs, or Light Emitting Diode bulbs are far more efficient at turning energy into light than fluorescent bulbs. They are the most energy efficient bulbs available today and last much longer than any other bulbs. Although very expensive, the price is expected to come down over time.

Fluorescent light bulbs are considered more efficient because they they?

Lose less energy as heat.

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