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What are examples of comfort food?


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Meat loaf, chicken & dumplings ,mashed potatoes ,Macaroni & Cheese,chicken & dressing

Chicken & Rice.

COMFORT FOODSsome comfort foods are ice cream and chocolate but u shouldn't eat too much or you will be like a super size me
  • chicken noodle soup, mashed potatoes and gravy, turkey, pot roast, fried chicken, biscuits

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Comfort food means different food to different people, however it usually means fried, sugary and home cooked food. Examples can include fried chicken, mash potatoes and chocolate cake.

Depends what you eat for comfort food. Many people prefer different comfort foods. if your comfort food is junk like crisps, chocolates, etc, then no. If your comfort food is fruit, then yes.

The "goodness" of food is something that describes a comfort level that food brings. This is the route to terms such as "comfort food".

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Comfort foods vary person to person. A comfort food is one that the person grew up eating and makes them feel safe, happy, etc. Potatoes are a common comfort food, as they are a staple in many people's diets.

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People love junk food because it is a comfort food. When people eat comfort foods they are able to relax and feel at ease.

Comfort means someone being in a state of peace which is either physically or mentally or both. The meaning of comfort can mean comfort food as well also.

chocolate brownies are comfort food also bananas and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches! Comfort food is any food that someone might eat for sheer pleasure, normally when something stressful or upsetting has occured.The whole point is that some kind of comfort is felt by overeating.Comfort eating can often lead to or be a sgn of severe depression or other problems.So basically anything that you enjoy eating could be classed as comfort food.Quite often its food that is potentially unhealthy or laden with carbohydrates.

her favorite comfort food is lasagna .

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Junk food is called comfort food because people eat junk foods when they are upset or sad and it "helps" sort out their feelings. It comforts them and makes them "feel better".

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Yes, the noun 'comfort is a common noun; a general word for a state of physical ease and freedom from pain or constraint.The word comfort is also a verb: comfort, comforts, comforting, comforted.Examples:noun: Our guests' comfort is our priority.verb: Some nice hot tea will comfort them.

comfort is when you feel comfortbale doing something or e.g. comfort food - when your feeling down it can cheer you up. e.g. sex- gives you pleasure

Comfort food is food that makes one feel better. For example an upset or stressed out girl may "comfort herself" by eating something sweet and delicious such as chocolate or ice cream.

Comfort food means a favourite dish that you eat to make you feel good - for most people, it is something from childhood that you remember your mum making for you.

Since the contents in chocolates especially the carbo hydrates melt with the saliva in the tongue soon compared to other factors, chocolates is a comfort food

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Love, security, warmth, food, convenience, sleep, comfort, and safety are some examples.They could be scared of the dark or nightmares.

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