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Examples of dramatic irony in elie wisele's night?

When they are on the train to the concentration camps. We know where they are being taken to, (and so does the crazy lady on the train) but everyone else doesn't.

What are the literary devices used in Twelfth Night?

Here's a good one..... DRAMATIC IRONY

Examples of irony in night by Elie Wiesel?

In reality the only way to "freedom"

When does the spirits life end with Scrooge?

It ends on the Twelth Night

What is dramatic irony in midsummer's night dream?

I suppose this is a request for an example of dramatic irony. Probably the best example is when Bottom, after being transformed by Puck, frightens his fellow actors away and then says, "This is to make an ass of me!" He says this without knowing that Puck has, in fact, made a literal ass of him.

If music be the food of life play on?

this is a quote from shakepeare's play twelth night :)

What day do I take Christmas decorations down?

6th Of January (Twelth Night)

What are some examples of irony in wiesels book night?

Aschwits motto work is liberty in reality freedom is dying

Who said 'Better a witty fool or a foolish wit'?

Feste from Twelth Night

What change has taken place to the ghost in stave 3?

As the Ghost of Christmas presnt reaches the end of "Twelth NIght" he has aged and become old. In the story at 11:45 pm on Twelth night he tells Scrooge that his time on this earth is nearing its end"

What is an example of dramatic irony in the book Night?

"Like the leader of the camp, he loved children." -The only reason they loved the children was because the children were involved in a sex trade. They were being sexually abused.

When does the third specter appear in A Christmas Carol?

He arrives at what is the end of twelth night (although it is still Chritmas eve in real time)

Other examples of irony in night by Elie Wiesel?

When Elie and his father could have stayed in the camp's "hospital" longer, but decided to leave. The camp was liberated very soon after.

What are the dramatic techniques used in Twelfth Night?


How is Juliet's speech in act 3 scene 2 a dramatic irony?

Her speech at the beginning of the scene, "Gallop apace, you fiery-footed steeds" is an anticipation of her wedding night with Romeo, but at that point in the story, Romeo is on the run from the law, and it looks like he won't be making it.

Is there night vision contacts for eyes?

None that will make a dramatic difference.

What is some irony about suffering in Night with page numbers?

i dont care look on google

Why are the space shuttle launches done at night?

So that it looks more dramatic.

Why is pavement always wet in night scenes in movies?

To have a more dramatic effect.

How might a poet express irony in a poem?

It is often difficult to convey irony through text. This is because you can't hear the sarcastic or ironic tone in the person's voice. However, it is possible. Here are a few examples of irony in poems, and why they are considered ironic:The shards of glass littered the cold, black asphaltlike sparkling stars strewn across the night sky.This is ironic because broken glass is thought of as harsh. The author creates an illusion that the glass creates a beautiful picture.Water,Water, everywhere,And all the boards did shrink;Water, water, everywhere,Nor any drop to drink.This is ironic simply because the water is everywhere, but there is nothing to drink.Irony can be shown in three ways; verbal, situational, and dramatic.Dramatic is when the audience knows something the character does not.Verbal is when what is said is different than what is meant.Situational is a contradiction of what is expected and what actually happens.Using any of these three types can help an author to better convey a point than just saying what they want directly. drink

What is the name of the father in the twelth night?

Viola and Sebastian's father was also called Sebastian. See Viola's line in Act 5 "Of Messaline. Sebastian was my father. Such a Sebastian was my brother too."

Barney by will Stanton irony?

your mom loves barney, we watched it together last night ;D

What is verbal irony in Midsummer night dream?

Here are two examples: "Lord, what fools these mortals be!" 3.2 115 This is verbal irony because the lovers Puck are describing are not really fools, but victims of the love potion. If anything, it's Puck who's the fool because he caused it all "It is the wittiest partition that ever I heard" 5.1 159 This is a better example of verbal irony. Lysander is being sarcastic about Bottom's horrible and comical play.

What accounts for dramatic temperature change in the desert between night and day?

animals come out

What are some Examples of personification in the book Night?

the night looked at the stars

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