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Undergraduate students are those who are pursuing either an associates or bachelor's degree. Graduate students are those in the process of pursing either a masters or doctorate degree.

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Q: What are examples of undergraduate students?
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When was Wollongong Undergraduate Students' Association created?

Wollongong Undergraduate Students' Association was created in 196#.

Does brown university accept visiting undergraduate students?

ANSWER:Brown University accepts applications for Visiting Non-Degree Undergraduate Students, Visiting Non-Degree Graduate students.

Is Degree learner called postgraduate or undergraduate?

If one is pursuing an associates or bachelor's degree, they are considered undergraduate students. Students pursuing a masters or doctorate degree are considered graduate students.

How many students are enrolled in uc's?

5,837 Undergraduate Students as of 2013It's on Wikipedia! :)

How many students are enrolled in UC merced?

5,837 Undergraduate Students as of 2013It's on Wikipedia! :)

How many students does dayton university have?

University of Dayton has about 7,400 Undergraduate students and an additional 3,150 graduate students

Is it true that 70000 students attend Yale University?

no, that is not true... Undergraduate students*5,247Graduate and professional students*6,169

How many Texas students attend the university of Oklahoma?

19% of undergraduate students at OU are from Texas.

What is the student population at Duke?

There were 6,340 undergraduate students in 2008 and 7,117 graduate and professional students.

How many students are there in Washington?

If you are talking about Washington State University, 28,686 students attend this educational institution. Of its students, 23,867 are undergraduate students.

Is Undergraduate student is the same as a freshmen student?

Nothing really. A freshman in college is an undergraduate student. A senior in college is also an undergraduate student. All those pursuing an associate or bachelor's degree are undergraduates students.

How many undergraduate students attend University of Florida?