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What are facts about Frank Gardiner the Bushranger?

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September 24, 2012 6:54AM

Information about Frank Gardiner.

  • He was born Francis Christie
  • Born in 1829, in Rosshire, Scotland
  • First convicted of horse stealing in Victoria in 1850
  • Sentenced to five years hard labour in Pentridge Gaol
  • Escaped a year later and started bushranging around Goulburn, New South Wales
  • Arrested again for horse stealing in 1854
  • Served time in Sydney's infamous Cockatoo Island prison
  • Conditional release five years later on a ticket-of-leave, but had to stay in the Carcoar district and regularly report to the police
  • Broke parole by heading straight to the Kiandra gold diggings in the New South Wales high country
  • Worked briefly as a butcher near Lambing Flat (now Young, NSW) where he gradually fell back into a life of crime, becoming increasingly more violent
  • Together with with Ben Hall and Johnny Gilbert, bailed up the Lachlan Gold Escort in Eugowra Rock, near Forbes in June 1862, in what is still considered to be the largest ever gold robbery in Australia's history. 2,700 ounces of gold was stolen, estimated at £14,000 (approximately AUD$2 million in 2006 terms).