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What are facts about Perkins Bass and the Bass Brothers?

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Gary, The following was taken from the book Chicago: Pictorial and Biographical, Volume II, published in 1912: Perkins B. Bass Perkins B. Bass, engaged in the real-estate business, in which connection he handles property principally in the central section of the city, thus negotiating many important transfers, was born in Kankakee county, Illinois, February 19, 1866. His father, Myron Hawley Bass, was born in Williamstown, Vermont, December 24, 1836; he came to Illinois in 1855 and turned his attention to farming until 1870, when he came to Chicago and engaged in the real-estate business, which he followed until his death on the 3d of June, 1890. He was married in Will county to Miss Ann Elizabeth Kelly, a daughter of James Ward Kelly. The mother still survives her husband and is now living with her son Perkins. The family numbers four children: George A. of St. Louis, Missouri; Perkins B., Stella, who is the wife of Joseph E. Tilt of Chicago; and James K., of Chicago. Perkins B. Bass was educated in the Lincoln school and North Division high school of Chicago and Northwestern University from which he was graduated with a degree of A. B. in 1888. He entered the real-estate business with his father and remained with him until his father's death, in 1890. Since that time he has continued in the real-estate business, in 1909 having formed a partner ship with William D. Cousin under the firm name of Perkins B. Bass & Company. He is also president of the Kimble Electric Company engaged in the manufacture of alternating-current motors. On the 10th of November, 1896, Mr. Bass was married in Chicago to Mary Maltman, a daughter of A. S. Maltman, an old resident of the town of Lake view. They have three children: Perkins B., Jean M. and Elizabeth M. The family residence is at 1027 Grove street, Evanston, Mr. Bass having made his home in that beautiful suburb in 1884. He takes an active interest in its local affairs and in all matters relating to its progress and cooperates in all measures for the public good. He is now serving for the second term as alderman of the city and exercises his official prerogative along the line of advancement and improvement. He belongs to the Phi Kappa Psi fraternity, the Chicago Athletic Club, the Glen View Club, the Evanston and Evanston Country Clubs and is a member of the First Presbyterian church of Evanston. hth

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