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What are facts about about London?

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It's the capital of England and the United Kingdom. It is known as "the City." It is the biggest city in Europe. It was the first city in the world to have an underground railroad. It is full of pubs and has over a hundred theatres. It is the powerhouse of the UK economy.

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River thames facts?

its in London

What are facts about The Tower of London dungeon?

were is it

Facts about the London dungeon?

It scenery

What 2 interesting facts are there about London?

London is named after its Latin name of Londinium. London is the capital city of the United Kingdom.

Where can I find facts and pictures of Gloucester city in London?

There is no Gloucester city in London. Gloucester is about 100 miles west of London.

What are three facts about London?

London is the capital of the United Kingdom.The River Thames flows through central London.The Roman name for London was Londinium.

What are facts about Jack London?

he was a sailor and a writer and was a socialist

London eye facts?

it stands at 135 metres tall, squishy!

Facts about the Virginia company of London?

It had guaranteed the rights of Englishmen to the colonists

What are some fun and strange facts about London?

London was originally in France, but moved to the UK due to shifts in tectonic plates

What are funj facts about Jack London?

Author Jack London sold newspapers on the street when he was a child. He was a millionaire by the time he died.

What are facts about London England?

You only have to complete the third grade in London, to become a Dentist, as is evidenced by the amazing dentistry skills of the English.

Facts and figures of the river thames?

the river is thames is the the longest river in london

What are some interesting facts about Jack London?

Jack London almost quit writing when he was offered a mere $5 for his first published story.

Interesting facts about London?

The London Eye is the biggest Ferris Wheel in the world. It takes 30 minutes for one ride. It weighs around 2,100 tons. Big Ben is in London, as is "The Underground".

Facts about the great fire of London?

The Great Fire of London started in a baker's shop in Pudding Lane in 1666, destroyed 89 churches and ended the Black Death which had ravaged London from 1665.

What are some facts about Thomas more?

married three times and was beheaded in London, England

What are facts about the great fire of London?

the fire was actually a maoam with severly flammable additives

What are facts about the 2012 Olympics?

It is being held in London and Queen Elizabeth and her husband are attending

10 foul facts about Victorian London?

All the sewage of Cambridge was pumped straight into the river. This was also the case in London, and the smell in summer was disgusting.

5 star hotel in London England?

Apparently there are 47 five star hotels in London, England. The related link below provides the list and facts.

What are facts about the Thames Barrier?

It was built in the river Thames, east of London, between 1974 and 1984 to prevent flooding in London during exceptionally high tides.

What are facts about Westminster Abbey?

It is one of the oldest building in London. Also it was founded by Edward the Confessor.

What are facts robert hooke?

he died march 3rd 1703 in London England at age 67

What are facts about bifocal glasses?

they were made in 1784 he didnt actuallly counstruct it a man in France or London did it for him

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