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Leopards are the smallest in the panther family of cats. It is related to the tiger, lion and jaguar. They are found in Asia and Africa. They are fast and can leap as much as 20 feet. They don't mind water and are good swimmers.

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Q: What are facts about leopards?
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What are interetsing facts Leopards eat?

Leopards eat when they are hungry.

Where can you find facts about the homes of snow leopards?

ear to ear it gos

What are facts about the snow leopard's ancestors?

The direct ancestors of snow leopards were the other Asian leopards that live in the lowlands. It must have taken hundreds of generations for the leopards to fully adapt to the extreme conditions in which the snow leopards live today.

What are facts about leapords?

Leopards are found in forest, unless they are snow leopards. They eat almost any living thing. Snow leapords have the biggest tail out of every cat in the world. woooooooooooooo.

What are facts about a chimpanzee?

Chimpanzees use large stickes and branches to throw at there enemies like leopards or humans500

What do you call a group of leopards?

The collective nouns for leopards are a leap of leopards, a lepe of leopards.

Do leopards have spots on their skin?

Spotted leopards do, but other leopards don't - such as black leopards.

What are facts about tigers in Chad Africa?

There are no tigers in Africa. There are only lions, leopards and cheetahs in Africa. Tigers are strictly Asian cats.

Why are snow leopards different from rainforest leopards?

Leopards and Snow Leopards are entirely different species. Snow leopards aren't related to leopards- they are actually more closely related to cheetahs.

What are leopards in a food chain?

Leopards eat smaller animals. Only humans hunt leopards. When leopards die, decomposers do their job.

What is the collective noun for leopards?

The collective nouns for leopards are:a leap of leopards (also spelled 'leep' or 'lepe')a keep of leopards.

What are facts about warthog?

a warthog is 30 inches at the sshoulder. they are 120 to 250 pounds they live up to 15 years their predators are lions and leopards

Are there leopards in Morocco?

yes the Barbary leopards is the only leopards in Maghreb region.

What is the population of the leopards?

what is the leopards population

What is a group of leopards?

A leap of leopards.

When does a leopard reproduce?

how does snow leopards reproduce? how does snow leopards reproduce? how does snow leopards reproduce? how does snow leopards reproduce?

What are all the different kinds of leopards?

There are the African leopards, Panthera pardus pardusclouded leopards, Neofelis nebulosasnow leopards, Uncia unciaPersian leopards, Panthera pardus saxicolorSri Lankan leopards, Panthera pardus kotiyaJavan leopards, Panthera pardus melasArabian leopards, Panthera pardus nimr

What are the dangers of leopards?

Some if the dangers of leopards are that humans want there skin and to get that they have to kill the leopards.

Are there different kinds of leopards?

Yes there are.There are Snow Leopards,Clouded Leopards and so on.

How many times do leopards eat a day?

Leopards are carnivores and hunt a variety of different animals. The main diet of leopards are ungulates and monkeys, although they have been known to eat over 100 species of different animals. Some of the more common foods eaten by leopards include rodents, reptiles, amphibians, birds and fish. Leopards have also been known to eat small insects such as dung beetles and large animals such as 800kg giant elands. Pythons are also occasionally eaten by leopards. Leopards may also hunt a single dog, although packs of dogs can chase away (and occasionally kill) a leopard. Leopards stalk their prey by coming up on them silently and jumping on their prey, strangling prey with a quick bite. Generally, leopards hunt at night time, although they have been known to hunt on overcast days. So now you know what leopards eat and a little about their hunting practices. Now let's look at those six interesting facts about leopards.

Who are friends with leopards?

Other leopards. That's it.

Why do leopards sleep in trees?

why do leopards sleep

What are leopards hobby?

leopards like to popo

Do leopards have ears?

Yes, leopards do have ears.

Are leopards birds?

Leopards are mammals not birds.