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Lipids are fats. Many foods contain fats. Most meat, poultry, seafood, and even fish. Most dairy products contain fats unless stated "nonfat". In their natural state dairy contains fat. Cooking and salad oils contain fat. Eggs also contain fat - only the yolk. also junk food like chips, soda and cakes ect. The human body uses lipids, or fats, for insulation, to cushion organs and as a source of stored energy. Foods rich in lipids include pecans, peanuts, avocados, and tuna.

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What are ten foods containing lipids?

Anything with fat in it.

What are some foods containing unhealthy lipids?

anything (im assuming) with trans fats?!??

What are five foods containing protein?

milk and meat :)

What are foods that contain lipids?

Foods that contain lipids are foods that contain fat. Lipids are fat. So technically nearly all foods contain some lipids. Apples even have lipids I believe.

How do you get lipids?

You get lipids by eating foods with fats in them

What foods contain lipids?

Foods like peanut butter, nuts, and eggs have lipids.

Approximately what percentage of the lipids in foods are triglycerides?

95 percentage of the lipids in foods are triglycerides.

Lipids how do you get it?

Lipids are another name for fats. If you eat fatty foods, you will take in lipids.

What are the five sections of the eat healthy plate?

- fruit and vegetables - bread, other cereals and potatoes - milk and dairy products - foods containing fat, foods containing sugar - meat, fish and alernatives.

What type of foods are lipids?

Foods high in fat.

What foods conatin lipids?

lipids are fats so anything that has fats.

Which foods have lipids?

lipids are fats, so any foods with fats such as butter, yogurt, fatty meats, cheese, milk

What are lipids containing phosphorus that are very important in cell membranes?

phosphorus - rus + lipids = phospholipids

What percentage of lipids in food are triglycerides?

Roughly 95% of lipids in foods are triglycerides

What are liposaccharides?

A molecule containing both lipids and polysacchrides

Which foods commonly supply lipids?

It; and; are; why; where; when; who

Why the exchange of fat containing foods with fat substitute containing food would not be ideal for a marathon runner?

why the exchange of fat-containing foods with fat-substitute-containing foods would not be ideal for a marathon runner

What causes hyperactivity?

- Foods containing yeast - Foods containing artificial colours, flavours and MSG

What foods are high in lipids?

Seeds, nuts, margarine, butter and lard are high in lipids.

What foods have lipids in them?

Fats, oils, cholesterol, basically anything with fats and oils have lipids in them

What food have lipids?

Lipids, a form of fat, are found highly in meat and dairy. Eggs, cheese, and olive oil are all examples of food containing lipids.

Which foods contain lipids?

Lipids are primarily found in dairy and meat, and sometimes vegetables as well.

Fatty molecules containing mostly carbon and hydrogen are called?


What foods don't digest easily?

Foods containing fibre

How can carbohydrates lipids and proteins be detected in foods?

They cant