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What are fleas?

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Fleas are animals that live off the blood of animals.

A flea is a tiny insect that burrows into usually a pet's skin and can jump from place to place.

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Fleas are parasites that live on animals such as dogs, cats, and chimpanzees.

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Do fleas have fleas?

No. Fleas themselves cannot have fleas, but they can have these things called "mites".

Do you have fleas?

I do not have fleas, but it is possible for humans to fleas. Usually though fleas stick to dogs and cats etc.

What do you call a rabbit with fleas-?

Fleas on a rabbit are just called fleas, and a rabbit with fleas is just called a rabbit with fleas. If your rabbit has fleas, the safest way to treat it is to take the rabbit to a vet.

Can rabbits have fleas?

Yes, rabbits can have fleas. Anything with fur can have fleas

Are dog fleas and cat fleas the same?

While cat fleas (Ctenocephalides felis) and dog fleas (Ctenocephalides cannis) are two different species, most of the fleas found on dogs are actually cat fleas.

Can a cat be on the couch if he has fleas?

Yes if you want fleas, no if you don't want fleas

What can you put in your hair if you got fleas from your cat?

Fleas in your hair

How do pets get fleas?

fleas jump on them

Are there fleas in Alaska?

Yes, there are fleas in Alaska. The fleas can be on house pets such as dogs and cats. Fleas can also be on wild animals such as bears.

Do dogs have fleas?

Dogs can carry fleas, although fleas are more attracted to cats. Not all dogs have fleas though, if they are treated and cared for properly, they will be more likely to avoid fleas.

What can fleas give to guinea pigs?

Anything that has fleas, can give fleas to guinea pigs.

Is dog fleas less in winter time?

Some fleas are there but most fleas stay on.

What is 'fleas' when translated from English to Italian?

"Fleas" in English is pulci in Italian.

Do koalas have ticks or fleas?

Do koalas have fleas

How do you tell if your cat has fleas?

If it scratches, then it has fleas.

Are fleas arthropods?

yes fleas are arthropods

Can cats get fleas?

All animals can get fleas...

Are fleas in the desert?

Yes, there are fleas in the desert.

Does rats carry fleas?

Rats carry lots of fleas. Rats are to fleas what the subway is to humans !

Can bird fleas live on cats?

No, bird fleas cannot get into cats. There are different kinds of fleas.

Was it the rats with the black disease or the fleas?

The fleas; but the rats carried the fleas. So in a sense both.

Can chickens give fleas to dogs or cats?

If a chicken has fleas, it can give the fleas to cats or dogs. Fleas can easily be transferred from one animal to another.

Can sugar gliders get fleas?

Due to their fur type, it is unlikely that they will get fleas. However, if you have a cat or dog with fleas, the fleas can end up on the sugar glider.

Can cat fleas live on humans?

Unfortunately, yes they can. So can dog fleas and rat fleas. Fleas are not that particular. Ticks also cross species lines.

Do all cats have fleas?

No, not all cats have fleas. Fleas are just little tiny insects that live on the cat. Most properly cared for cats do not have fleas.